What to do in sex underwear physical store market

Fun underwear physical store market overview

With the continuous increase of people’s knowledge and sexual concepts, sexy underwear has become a new favorite for women and couples.At present, the sexy underwear market is developing rapidly, and the specific performance is that the number of brands is increased, the style is changing, and the price is gradually popularized.

Improving the popularity of physical stores

To promote market sales, we must first increase the popularity of your brand.It can attract consumers’ attention through online promotion, such as promoting promotion on social media platforms, and actively participating in exhibitions in the industry.At the same time, you can also promote consumers to patronize physical stores by setting preferential policies and various promotional activities.

Improve the display effect of physical stores

The decoration, display, and lighting of physical stores are important factor affecting consumer consumer experience.To create a professional and comfortable shopping environment, it can attract consumers’ attention and desire to buy. The clerk must also do a good job of service and guide customers to increase sales opportunities.

Stable optimization of product quality

Interest underwear is a close clothes that are directly in contact with the human body, and the quality of the product is extremely important.To improve the competitiveness of its own brand, it is necessary to stabilize the quality of the product and ensure that consumers know that the items they buy are safe, comfortable, and reliable.

Expand sexy underwear product line

It is necessary to increase the brand’s influence, establish a public image, and make a good quality and design guarantee while developing a series of sexy underwear to expand the line length and coverage of underwear products.

Set up sexy underwear professional knowledge quiz areas

Interests of underwear are products involving privacy protection and sexual knowledge, and there are often many issues that consumers need to query.The physical store can set up related consultation, question and answer areas, to answer consumer questions, provide professional knowledge to help consumers solve doubts, increase consumer’s trust and desire to buy underwear brands.

Improve the logistics distribution system

The trade channels of physical stores cannot be limited to offline, and the construction and operation of logistics channels are equally important.It is necessary to establish a comprehensive logistics distribution system, especially to ensure that consumers’ logistics time is timely and accurate to improve customer purchase experience and loyalty.

Joint cooperation with other industries

Reaching cooperation with operators in other industries and conducting friendship promotion activities can increase consumers’ attention to the brand and their desire to buy.After the marriage, discounts or preferential activities, as well as holiday activities, etc., can further improve sales performance.For example, partner industries such as wedding and film buildings, cosmetics or flower shops have found new products, new customer bases and promotional channels.

Carry out offline fun underwear theme activities

In order to attract more consumers, physical shop owners can also launch offline sex underwear theme activities to invite professional sexual knowledge lecturers to explain sexual health and sexual psychology.At the same time, you can also organize sex homework, sex games, etc., to increase the interaction and stickiness of consumers and brands.


If you want to succeed in the sexy underwear physical store market, the key is to establish brand image, improve product quality, and broaden sales channels.In addition, the brand is more united with other industries to create a better business ecology, product and service planning and perfect customer experience, so as to win the attention and recognition of wider consumer groups.

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