What to write in sex underwear

Understand the importance of love underwear delivery process

The sexual product industry in sex underwear is a very special industry, so the delivery process is relatively complicated.Whether it is a customer of the sex underwear shop or the customer of the customer, the understanding of the sex underwear delivery process is very important, and many problems that are caused by do not understand.

Survey in advance

Before starting the delivery of underwear, you need to understand the specific requirements of each customer in advance, including color, size, style, and so on.In addition, it is necessary to communicate the delivery time and place in advance to ensure any problems that occur during delivery.

Make sure the safe packaging of the goods

Interest underwear is a private item, so during the delivery process, you need to pay attention to protecting customers’ privacy and ensure the safety of goods.You need to choose the appropriate packaging bag or box, which adds some protective air bubble film, filling materials, buffer materials, etc. to ensure that the goods will not be scratched or damaged during transportation.

Choose the right logistics company

Choosing the right logistics company is one of the key steps for the delivery process of sexy underwear.When you face different destinations and different types of goods, the price, speed and quality of each logistics company may be different.Therefore, you need to choose a logistics company that suits you according to the situation to ensure that the goods reach your destination smoothly.

Understand the difference between small express delivery and large logistics companies

For sexy underwear shops, it is difficult to find the right express delivery and logistics companies, because small express companies are usually not easy to accept the delivery of private items.Therefore, you need to choose a large logistics company, which often encounters a private package, so it has a better way to deal with privacy and confidentiality.

Reasonable freight and timely payment

For the entire delivery process, freight is a very important factor.Choosing a suitable logistics method means you need to pay a certain amount of money.You can balance the relationship between speed and cost by selecting different logistics companies or different transportation methods.At the same time, it is necessary to pay the freight in time to prevent logistics companies from refusing to undertake the task of transporting goods because of your unable to pay.

Fill in the package list legally

When filling in a package list for sexy underwear, you need to ensure legal compliance, which may involve the protection of privacy and personal information.Under normal circumstances, you need to regard the package list as a standardized document to ensure that it meets relevant laws and regulations in form and content.

Track items in time

After delivery, you need to track the transportation status of the items in time.As the items leave your warehouse, you can no longer control all kinds of unpredictable factors, such as delay, damage or loss, and so on.Therefore, please track the state of the items in time during transportation. If an accident occurs, it is necessary to contact the freight company or customers in time to solve the problem in a timely and proper manner.


In the process of sexing underwear, you need to consider many factors, including choosing the right logistics company, the differences between understanding small express delivery and large logistics companies, appropriate texts, and so on.Each small details may affect the judgment of customers’ judgments on merchants, affect the reputation of merchants and customer loyalty, and so on.Therefore, the delivery process of sexy underwear needs to be professional, confidential and timely.

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