What to say let your girlfriend wear sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a underwear designed to enhance emotional experience and sex. Putting it can make women feel more confident and sexy.But sometimes it is still difficult to make my girlfriend wearing sexy underwear. Today I will share some skills to help you successfully convince your girlfriend to wear sexy lingerie.

Know your girlfriend’s preference

Before letting your girlfriend wears fun underwear, you need to understand her preferences and comfort.Ask her most comfortable underwear style for her, and understand her preference for different styles and materials.

Explain the advantages of sexy underwear

Explain the advantages of sexy underwear to girlfriends, highlighting that they can enhance the role of emotional and sexual life.Tell her that sexy underwear can make her feel more confident and sexy, and make sex life more interesting and passionate.

Let your girlfriend contribute ideas

Give her girlfriend’s opportunity to choose and participate, ask her sexy lingerie style and color she wants, so that she feels that her opinions are valued.After participating in the decision -making process, she will be more willing to wear the selected sexy underwear.

Educate the diversity of female girlfriend’s fun underwear

Interest underwear is not limited to sexy styles and colors, but also cute, fresh and romantic style to choose from.Let her know that a variety of choices can meet her different needs and preferences for sexy.

Provide comfort and support for girlfriends

Sex underwear is usually designed to show women’s figure, but girlfriends also need a comfortable and supportive choice.It is recommended to let her try through different sizes of underwear and various types of supporting frames.

Arrange special occasions

Special occasions are the best time to wear sexy underwear.Before an important festival, birthday, anniversary, or a romantic date, remind girlfriends to wear her favorite sexy underwear on this special day to enhance emotional and sexual experience.

Gift love underwear as a gift

Gift of love underwear as a gift is another good way to persuade girlfriends to try, especially in the sexy underwear she particularly likes.Try to choose sexy and comfortable underwear as gifts, plus a romantic letter or various other favorite objects, making his girlfriend feel excited.

Encourage girlfriends to try new things

Different erotic lingerie styles and colors allow girlfriends to have more choices, and also provide an opportunity to explore and try new things.Encourage her to put on the sexy underwear she has never worn, so that she can find different pleasure from it.

Share your preferences with your girlfriend

Share your love for sexy underwear and the reason you want your girlfriend to try them.Tell her that you want to see her look at them, and let her understand that this will enhance your sexual life experience.


Making girlfriends wearing fun underwear needs to follow certain skills, such as understanding the preferences of girlfriends and providing comfort and support.Using the above techniques, you can successfully convince your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear, thereby enhancing the emotional relationship between the two.Remember, sharing your hobbies and reasons for sexy underwear with your girlfriend will be the key to success.

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