Yiwu Instead Underwear Model Recruitment


With the gradual opening of Chinese culture, the demand for sexy underwear in the market is increasing, and the town of Yiwu has become one of the center of China’s sexy underwear industry.In this context, in order to show our products, we urgently need to recruit sexy underwear models.


Recruitment objects need to have a good figure and image, and have certain stage performance experience and understanding of sexy underwear, responsible for sexy underwear display, camera and on -site activities.

Recruitment requirements

The recruitment requirements are as follows:

Have the enthusiasm and understanding of sexy underwear

Have a good image and figure

Have a certain performance experience

Have a good spirit of cooperation and communication

Accept long -term and full -time work

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is as follows:

Submit your resume

Preliminary interview

Image testing and performance test

Decide to accept


In the case of successful recruitment, we provide competitive salary:

Base salary+commission

Outstanding performance can be promoted to host or promotion ambassador

You can enjoy two travel benefits each year

Recruitment effect

Our recruitment effect is very good. We have received hundreds of resumes from all over the country.It is no exaggeration to say that we have better talent pool than other companies.


We will continue to explore and investigate the company’s future development to better adapt to market development and improve product quality and service level.We look forward to continuing to recruit more excellent sexy underwear models in the near future.

Recruitment outlook

Although our recruitment activities are still ongoing, we are already full of hope for the future of recruitment.We are very fascinated by showing our excellent products and continuing development, which makes us full of confidence. I believe we will achieve greater success in the near future.

Corporate view

Our company firmly believes that recruiting excellent models is very important for the company’s development.They have a deeper understanding of our products and bring more returns.We will continue to recruit excellent sexy underwear models to bring a better experience to customers.

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