Beauty ancient bellyband sexy underwear

Beauty ancient bellyband sexy underwear


In ancient times, women’s costumes were generally not released, but the sexy underwear was an exception.Beauty bellyband is a sexy underwear with rich cultural connotation. It can be regarded as part of the beauty clothes, but also as a manifestation of personal eroticism.

Historical Origins

The history of beauty bellybands can be traced back to ancient times.Beauty bellybands have also been used to express erotic and sexual charm, so many ancient literary works have a plot describing women wearing bellybands.

Style and type

Belly -belly sexy underwear has a variety of styles and types, which can be selected according to needs and preferences.Among them, some bellyband sexy underwear will leave some gaps at the top and bottom to show the curve beauty of the female figure.Some are more conservative, meticulous in workmanship and are similar to traditional rural clothing.

Materials and texture

The material and texture of the sexy underwear are also diverse.Many erotic underwear use environmentally friendly materials, such as cotton, silk, wool, etc.In addition, there are some sexy underwear using skin -friendly materials, such as latex, silicone, simulation leather, etc.


Beauty bellybands can be used with other clothes, such as skirts, shorts, jeans, etc.Belly pocket sexy underwear is usually a kind of women’s jewelry, which can be used in special occasions.Such as parties, dances, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Maintenance and cleaning method

In order to be able to use belly pockets for a long time, we need to pay attention to their maintenance and cleaning.First of all, you should understand the material of the stomachache lingerie in order to choose the appropriate maintenance method.Methods such as soaking, wiping, and avoiding excessive pulling can protect the texture and appearance of the sexy underwear.

Brand and price

There are many stomachache underwear brands on the market, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent PROVOCATEUR, etc.The price ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. You can choose according to your own needs and economic capabilities.

For people

Funny underwear is suitable for women who want to enhance personal charm and sexy.Especially women wearing sexual lingerie can show their self -confidence and self -esteem, and at the same time can also attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Psychological effect

Wearing a beautiful belly pocket underwear can bring psychological satisfaction and self -confidence.This psychological effect also supports the personal lust and excitement expressed in the sexual lingerie of the bellyband.

Point of view and summary

Beauty belly pockets of sexy underwear are a charm, personality and sexy sexy underwear, not only a clothing, but also a reflection of culture and identity.In today’s society, more and more people have a greater demand for the sexy lingerie of the bellyband.Unlike other erotic underwear, beauty belly pockets have a certain historical value and cultural connotation.Therefore, people should also take its historical and cultural significance more seriously.

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