Will she wear a sexy underwear for her wife?


Many men want to buy some sexy sexy underwear for their lover and wife, but they are not sure if they will be put on.Although sexy underwear is full of mystery and attractiveness, it also emphasizes women’s confidence and natural beauty.If you plan to buy sexy underwear for women, read the following content to get practical suggestions.

Understand the preferences of women

I believe that many men just feel that women are more sexy in sexy underwear, but this does not mean that women must agree.To buy sexual relationships suitable for women, you need to understand your lover’s preference.You can secretly look at her wardrobe, or make inferences from her usual wear and personality characteristics.In short, it is critical to understand her style and personal taste.

Pay attention to size issues

Men sometimes ignore the size problem when buying sexy underwear.A wrong size can make sexy underwear uncomfortable and even cause health problems.Therefore, it is best to discuss the size of the purchase with women, or check the pantyhose or underwear she bought before to determine the size.

Learn different styles

It is very important to understand different styles.There are many different styles and designs in erotic underwear, such as bras, T -shirts, dressing, etc., which are also attractive.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, it is very important to understand the style that women like.If you can’t buy the right style, the same sexy underwear may have completely different effects in different women.

Consider the parts that focus on display

Different sexy underwear emphasizes different parts, such as some chests, some are hips, and some are waist.When buying sexy underwear, you can consider the parts you want to emphasize and the body’s body curve.

Select material and quality

The quality and materials of sexy underwear are also important.Most women like soft, comfortable, and sexy fabrics, such as lace and silk.At the same time, quality is also a problem of long -term wear, washing and maintenance.

Determine the occasion

Different occasions need to wear different erotic underwear. For example, those who buy it for girlfriends can wear them at home, but those who give them to their wives need to wear out.The purpose is clear that you can help you buy suitable and women’s underwear.

Choose with women

Sometimes the best solution is to choose love underwear with women.This allows women to choose the color, style and style that they like, and at the same time, they can avoid size and other problems.

Let her have the freedom to choose

Buying sexy underwear is a test of women, so don’t put pressure on her.Let her freely choose whether to wear sexy underwear and when to wear.Respecting women’s will is very important.

in conclusion

Buying sexy underwear is a pleasant thing, but it requires a lot of carefulness and patience.In the end, it is clear that what kind of sexy underwear is a woman’s own choice and decision.Women should do what they like and feel confident and comfortable for this.

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