Wife sells sexy underwear to take pictures

Wife sells sexy underwear to take pictures

Many husbands and wives will encounter such a situation in life: when you open your wife’s mobile phone album, but find that she has taken a lot of photos of sexy and sexy underwear, and posted it on a social network.For many men, this is a kind of betrayal and harm, but in fact, whether this is really a problem is worth further discussion.

Underwear enthusiasts this group

In fact, sexy underwear is a special type of underwear. It is different from traditional functional underwear, but focuses on showing the beauty and charm of the body.In the market, there are a group of groups with strong interest in sexy underwear. They are usually called underwear enthusiasts. They may not be out of sex, but to have certain appreciation for underwear materials, styles, design, etc.ability.Therefore, becoming underwear models or sexy underwear sellers have also become part of them.

Respect and trust in marriage

For the relationship between husband and wife, the most basic is respect and trust.If your wife sells sexy underwear hair photos without your consent, then you can first try to communicate with her, reveal your feelings, and express your emotions that do not trust her.But at the same time, ask yourself: Do you fully respect her behavior and choice for your wife?Did she get your permission beforehand?If not, should she feel guilty about this?Or you can consider: Is there a part of your more traditional concept of sex that affects your judgment?

Sexy is not equal to slutty

For sexy underwear sellers or models, their sexy sexy underwear does not mean that they are slutty, light or moral problems.They show their physical beauty, not any physical or emotional contact with others.They also have their own family and life, and selling underwear for this interest may be just a kind of work or spiritual sustenance.

The reason behind selling underwear privately

If your wife sells sexy underwear and publicly plays, it is likely to be driven by some reasons.These may include money, personal accomplishment, affirmation and praise.The affirmation and support from others often become the motivation for their adherence to this profession, so they may disclose their photos on social networks to attract potential customers.

Avoid talking about his wife’s behavior

When you realize that your wife sells sexy underwear to take pictures, although you will be troubled and confused, you must avoid using these simple behaviors as a betrayal.You should try to understand your wife’s thoughts and behaviors, and try to accept her behavior instead of trying to control her.

Compulsory and control cannot solve the problem

For the dispute between husband and wife, any form of compulsory and control is not a good way to solve the problem.When you try to control a person to do what you think is "correct", you will only cause more contradictions.On the contrary, you have to show any understanding and try to understand her attitude and behavior.Through positive communication, you can find a solution that is more suitable for you.

Communication and understanding is the key

In the family, the most important thing is communication and understanding.When you find that your wife is wearing a sexual relationship with sexy underwear, you can try to talk to her to understand her thoughts and reasons.This can help you better understand your spouse and build a more stable and healthy relationship.If you can appropriately understand and support your wife’s behavior, you can welcome a happier and successful future.


When you find that your wife sells sexy underwear to take photos, first do not interpret this incident, but try to understand her behavior motivation.Professional hobbies and behaviors and moral issues are two different things. Therefore, instead of trying to control her actions, you should actively communicate, understand and support her.In this way, you can build a more healthy, stable and mutual respect for husband and wife relationship.

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