Where to enter the sexy lingerie cloth

Where to enter the sexy lingerie cloth

The fabric quality of sexy underwear directly affects its comfort and aesthetics.Therefore, sexy underwear brands have been looking for fabric suppliers that are suitable for you to ensure the best products.So, where does the erotic lingerie cloth come in?Below I will answer this question with my professional knowledge.

1. Domestic supplier

Domestic suppliers are the most common choices for sex underwear brands.Many sexy underwear brands even have their own factories in China.This supply chain method can shorten the logistics time and improve the ability of rapid production.In addition, China has a good reputation in the non -textile market, and domestic suppliers also have sufficient professional knowledge and technical experience, which can provide good suggestions for brands in terms of fabric selection.Therefore, domestic suppliers are one of the most popular sex lingerie supply chains.

2. European supplier

European fabric manufacturers are also a supply channel considered by sexy underwear brands.European brands are usually high -end and high -quality.In addition, Europe has formulated many environmental protection policies and is committed to protecting workers’ rights and human rights.This consciousness is completely in line with the vision of sexy underwear brands, so European suppliers have also become a good choice for sexy underwear brands.

3. Asian supplier

In addition to domestic and European suppliers, many erotic lingerie brands have also shifted to Asian suppliers, such as South Korea and Japanese suppliers.The outstanding performance of the Korean manufacturing industry and the position of South Korea’s own fashion market have made Korean fabrics more and more favored by sexy underwear brands.In addition, Japanese suppliers have high ability to produce and develop high -quality, high -tech fabrics.

4. Chemical fiber supplier

Chemical fiber is one of the important raw materials for modern sexy underwear manufacturing. The existence of chemical fiber suppliers is also an important part of the sex lingerie cloth supply chain.At present, the more popular sexy underwear chemical fibers in the market include polyester fiber, nylon, and amino spandex. The advantage of chemical fibers is that the production cost is low, the supply is sufficient, and it can meet the needs of large quantities.

5. Research and development

In addition to the above supply channels, some large -scale sexy underwear brands also have the ability to develop materials by themselves.This approach helps the brand to master the cost of material, improve the brand competitiveness, and adopt the internationally leading technology and design to make the product more fashionable and personalized.

6. Fabric selection

When choosing fabrics, the indicators that the sexy underwear brand needs to consider is comfort, elasticity, breathable, hygroscopic, antibacterial deodorization, wear resistance, etc., and should also consider the function of the use of sex underwear (such as exercise, sleep, etc.) and consider functional functions.Sexual fabric requirements.Choosing the right fabric can make the sexy underwear comfortable and natural, and achieve the best results.

7. Fabric processing

In addition to choosing the right fabric, sexy underwear brands also need to consider how to deal with fabrics.This work includes anti -ball, shape, anti -shrinkage, staining, etc., which are important factors affecting the quality of sexy underwear.Some fabrics need special processing, such as orange patterns, flowers, embroidery, etc., the feel is relatively delicate, natural and comfortable.

8. Material cost

The cost of fabric is one of the important costs of sexy underwear manufacturing. Brands need to optimize their supply chain and win market advantages at the same time.Fun underwear brands can control costs by selecting the right supplier or self -developed development. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the brand’s market position to increase brand satisfaction.

Viewpoint: The fabric supply chain of sexy underwear is very important. Brands need to carefully choose the appropriate supplier, and consider the quality, processing, material cost and environmental protection of fabrics to ensure the production of high -quality erotic underwear that meets market demand.

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