Who will buy sexy jackets in general

Who will buy sexy jackets in general

First category: husband and wife with a partner

The most common buyer of sexy underwear is a couple with a partner.When buying sexy underwear, such people aim to increase the interests and interactions between husband and wife, stimulate each other’s nerve endings, and enhance their feelings.

The second category: single person

Many singles also buy sexy lingerie. This is not only for their sexy and self -confidence, but also a expectation for future love.Many people believe that if they can always maintain their physical and sexy state, they will attract their favorite people.

Third category: People who want to try fresh toys

In addition to sexy underwear, many people also buy fresh toys to increase sexual love.For these people to buy sexy underwear, on the one hand, they can be used with fresh toys for sex. On the other hand, they can also try some different sexual postures.

Fourth Category: Want to find your sexy

Many people feel inferior and unconfident in the sexy index, and buying sexy underwear can show their confident side.Buying sexy underwear is a choice in finding your sexy aspect.

Fifth category: Those who want to enrich sexual life

The monotonous of sexual life often makes both husband and wife feel boring, and buying sexy underwear is a way to change and enrich the sex life, which can add fun and stimulation.

Category 6: People who want to increase sexy atmosphere

Buying sexy underwear can not only increase sexy breath, but also adjust your figure, make yourself more curvy beauty and attractive.

Category 7: People who need to wear underwear on special occasions

Sometimes people need to wear special underwear on special occasions, such as weddings, parties, cosplay, etc. At this time, buying sexy underwear can not only meet the needs of these occasions, but also make people feel more confident and sexy.

Category eighth: People who want to get a better sexual experience

Sex underwear can bring a better sexual experience, not only can bring more stimuli, but also meet some special needs, such as SM and flirting.

Ninth Category: People who want to try different styles

Many people are curious about different styles of sexy underwear. They want to try different colors, styles, materials, themes, etc. to satisfy their curiosity and expectations of their names.

Tenth category: sexy lingerie collectors

In the end, some people buy sexy underwear as their own hobbies and collections. They may not be used, but they are purely to appreciate their beauty and collection value.


No matter what kind of person you are, sexy underwear can bring you happiness and excitement.It can not only increase interest and sexual love, but also enhance self -confidence and enrich life.Of course, we should not think of it as an abnormal, abnormal or immoral.On the contrary, this is a kind of curiosity and exploration, adding color to our sex life, and a enjoyment of life.

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