Who was invented by sexy underwear

The historical origin of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is an artifact used by modern women to increase sexuality and mood.There are many types and different colors, but the history of sex underwear itself has a long history. It is said that its origin can be traced back to hundreds of years ago.

Renaissance sexy underwear during the Renaissance

During the Renaissance, the nobles in Italy began to pursue a delicate life, and they invented a underwear called "Strophium".This is a chest sticker that can increase curve beauty on the chest, sexy and light.

The 18th -century erotic underwear

In France in the 18th century, sexy underwear was mainly saddling chest pads and waist chain belt.These underwear was called "STAYS" at the time, and tightened on the waist and chest of women, making them more charming and sexy.

Sexy underwear in the early 20th century

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the continuous improvement of women’s rights, sexy underwear gradually developed in the direction of lightweight and liberalization.Add design such as shaping underwear and rubber rings, so that women are comfortable and sexy.

Interesting underwear in the 1940s

In the 1940s, with the popularity of movies and radio media and the opening of sexual concepts, the sexy underwear became more and more sexy and exposed.For example, lace panties, sexy tight body tops, transparent long socks have begun to appear.

Interesting underwear in the 1960s

In the 1960s, sexy underwear became one of the symbols of women’s protests and fighting for freedom.During this period, sexy lingerie has a loose suspender shirt, off -the -shoulder top, low -cut dress, etc. These designs are full of anti -tradition and challenging existing moral concepts.

Sexy underwear after the 1990s

After the 1990s, sexy underwear is more colorful. In addition to the traditional sexy styles, there are also different types of sexy underwear such as cute, girls, ladies, and health, so that women can choose according to their preferences and temperament.

The development status of sexy underwear

Now, the development of sexy underwear is very mature, and major brands and designers are providing women with more personalized and high -quality choices.In addition to traditional bras, underwear, stockings, there are various styles of pajamas, swimsuits, sports underwear, etc.

Future development of sexy underwear

For the future development of sexy underwear, some people think that they will pay more attention to intelligence and technology, such as adding technological elements such as respiratory induction, temperature sensing, etc.; others think that it will emphasize nature, health, and environmental protection, such as using natural cotton materials or degradable degradationMaterial.

The significance of sexy underwear to women

Whether it is during, sexy underwear has brought many benefits to women.It allows women to show their charm more comfortably, fashionable and charming; at the same time, it also makes women more confident and self -worth, and pursue self -worth.


The history and development of sexy underwear fully demonstrated the progress of human civilization and the continuous improvement of women’s rights.In the future development process, sexy underwear will continue to provide women with higher quality and high -quality choices.

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