Which one is good for jumping eggs and sexy underwear


The sex products industry has always been a very prosperous market, and in it, jumping eggs and sexy underwear are also two very popular products.But which one is better?Today we will compare it in several aspects.

Market demand

First, let’s take a look at market demand.Jumping eggs are often used as a tool for masturbation by female friends, and most of them are women.And sexy underwear is more to increase the needs of fun and fun.Therefore, jumping eggs are more popular with women to a certain extent, and sexy underwear is a product that men and women love together.

Variety category

Both jumping eggs and sexy underwear have various categories and styles.For jumping eggs, functions and size are the most important distinctions.Such as ordinary jumping eggs, remote control jumping eggs and heating jumping eggs.For sexy underwear, it is more divided into different styles and materials.Such as sexy underwear, lace underwear and leather underwear.Therefore, in terms of variety categories, sexy underwear is richer.

Price range

Next, let’s take a look at the price range.Generally speaking, the price of jumping eggs is relatively low, and the price range ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.The price of sex underwear is relatively high, and the price interval is more obvious, ranging from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan or more.Therefore, for ordinary consumers, the threshold for buying jumping eggs is lower than sex underwear.

Purchase occasion

The purchase occasions of jumping eggs and sexy underwear are also different.Jumping eggs are generally purchased in adult products stores, specific websites and other places.And sexy underwear can be purchased on some large shopping malls, clothing stores and even online platforms.Therefore, sexy underwear is more convenient and easy to buy.And jumping eggs are more regarded as a private product, and it is not easy to choose from buying occasions.


User reputation can well reflect the popularity of the product.For jumping eggs, its experience and comfort are the focus of users’ attention.The word -of -mouth reputation of erotic underwear comes more from its sexy and aesthetics.Therefore, for jumping eggs, more word -of -mouth is related to technology and functions, while sexy underwear is more related to aesthetics and taste.


Jumping eggs and sexy underwear are also reflected in fashion trends.Jumping eggs are generally updated with the development of fashion and technology, while sexy underwear is more influenced by fashion and aesthetics.Therefore, sexy underwear is easier to change with other fashion trends.

Purchase statistics

Purchase statistics are a more objective data reference.According to the data of market statistics agencies, the sales of sexy underwear are relatively stable, but the sales of jumping eggs have increased in recent years.This is related to changes in the background and lifestyle.

market expectation

Finally, let’s take a look at the market prospects.The potential of the jumping egg market needs to be excavated, but the competition in the market is fierce.The sexy underwear market is continuously expanding, and future development prospects are even more optimistic.

Conclusion: Although jumping eggs and sexy underwear have their own market demand and selling points, in the long run, sexy underwear has better market prospects and development potential.However, the conclusion is not absolute, but also needs to be purchased according to market and personal needs.

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