Wearing a sex underwear over security check

1 Introduction

Sex underwear is becoming more and more popular in modern life, but in some cases, wearing erotic underwear will also become troublesome.For example, when traveling or flying, wearing sexy underwear may encounter security checks.Today, let’s discuss how to wear sexy underwear to pass security inspection.

2. Understand security requirements

First of all, it is very important to understand security regulations.The security regulations of different countries and regions may be different, and investigation and preparation must be made in advance.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear of steel rings and metal accessories may be prohibited from carrying planes because these metal accessories may trigger metal detectors.

3. Choose suitable sexy underwear

When traveling or flying, choosing some simple sexy underwear may be more suitable.Avoid those complex designs and a large number of metal accessories, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. Wear wearing and traveling

It is also very important to wear appropriate clothes, so that sexy underwear and external environment can be avoided.You can choose loose clothes to wear to reduce the interference of security underwear on security checks.At the same time, do not choose to wear skirts or too bright clothes, because these may cause doubts from security checkups.

5. Arrange it in advance

It is necessary to plan and arrange different steps in advance.When encountering the problem of sexy underwear and safety inspection, you must have the patience to obey the arrangement of security officials, while assisting them in checking.At the same time, before the security inspection, you can ask the security officers to ask some questions about security inspections to help them prepare themselves.

6. Respect for security officials

In the process of security checks, it is necessary to maintain politeness and respect.If security officials ask you to take off your shoes or conduct special inspections, do not complain or resist, because this will cause more trouble.Keep patience and understanding, and don’t make sexy underwear a burden on other people’s work.

7. Pay attention to time arrangement

When you pass the security check, you must leave enough time.If time is insufficient, it may lead to unstable mentality, which will affect the mood of keeping calm and confident.With sufficient time, you can create a easier and comfortable inspection environment for yourself and security officers.

8. Don’t carry too much items

Avoid excessive items when passing security inspection, you can minimize the number of times of contact with officials with security check -ups, and also avoid physical contact between sexy underwear and other items.This can also create a simple and efficient environment for the work of security officials.

9. Choose high -quality sexy underwear

Choosing high -quality sexy underwear can reduce the possibility of encountering security problems.High -quality erotic underwear can not only maintain comfort and beauty, but also ensure that the quality of security officials maintain quality.

10. Conclusion

In short, when traveling or flying, wearing sex underwear may encounter security checks, but after careful alternatives and plans, these problems can be minimized.As long as we move in accordance with the security regulations and maintain patience and understanding, we can put on sex underwear with peace of mind before departure, and enjoy the fun brought to us by flying.

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