Wear sex underwear drop wax

Wear sex underwear drop wax

As a product that integrates aesthetics, sex and psychology, sexy underwear has conquered many beauty adults with its peculiar styles, special fabrics, unique designs, and sexy charm with full mysterious sexy.Now, more and more interesting enthusiasts have begun to find some more exciting and passionate ways. One of the more popular gameplay is to wear sexy underwear wax.So what exactly is this process?Next, let’s introduce it to you.

How to take safety measures

To drop waxing to the body, you must have a certain understanding of all parts of the human body.During the process, you need to pay attention to whether your posture is correct and maintain good ventilation and light.At the same time, in order to avoid burning yourself when dripping wax, it is recommended to apply a layer of protective oil before dripping wax.

How to choose the right candle

It is important to choose a suitable candle.First, choose a candle without any other chemical pollution.In the secondary, it is recommended to choose candles with moderate hardness, so as to control the speed and location of dripping wax.Finally, if aromatic droplets are required, please select candles with edible oil to avoid other unnecessary problems.

The process of dripping wax

In the process of dripping, you need to lit the candle first, and slowly tilute the candle to allow the melting wax to flow along the candle to the satisfactory part. After the wax is burned, the remaining wax can be cleaned.

Area of waxing wax

The area of dripping wax can be selected by itself. It is recommended to start with a softer part, such as arms and legs.When dripping wax, you can also decorate the lace of sexy underwear appropriately, adding visual effects.

Feel the stimulus of dripping wax

Some people feel pain when dripping wax, but most of this pain can be accepted in most cases.At the same time, the temperature of dripping wax can also make people feel skin irritation and bring unique pleasure.


Drops can not only increase the body’s tolerance, but also make people have a unique style and interest.At the same time, it can also enhance the emotional exchanges between lovers and closer each other.

How to clean these drops of wax

After the experience is over, it is necessary to clean off the dripping residue in time.You can use warm water towels to wipe it. If you have difficulty, you can use protective oil to help remove it.

Dripping wax is not suitable for the crowd

It should be noted that dripping wax is not suitable for all people, such as sensitive sexy underwear, and people with skin diseases and various diseases. Do not try this activity.In addition, pregnant women, cardiovascular disease and hypertension are not suitable for experience.


In general, dripping wax is a very exciting and interesting process. At the same time, the experiencer needs to make full consideration in terms of safety, choose the appropriate occasion and time, and take safety measures to truly enjoy the brought by the drops of wax wax.Pleasure and fun.

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