Wear open crotch pants and sexy underwear

Wear open crotch pants and sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a costume that can add fun and romantic feelings. One of them is more popular in wearing open crotch pants sex underwear. So what is open crotch pants sex underwear?What are the sexy places for it?Which people are suitable for?

What is open crotch pants sexy underwear?

Open crotch pants are sexy as the theme of sexy, which will have a sexy underwear that has both beauty and comfort. It is characterized by setting up a "opening" between the vest and pants to facilitate the exposed lower body.

Open crotch pants sexy places sexy

Compared with the traditional sexy underwear, the biggest sexy point of open crotch pants and sexy underwear is to open a "opening" in the crotch. Women can show their sexy charm after wearing it, and men can enjoy the beauty of the beauty.

Two different lace materials for opening crotch pants and sexy underwear

Open crotch pants are usually used as high -quality materials such as lace and silk as the main custom fabrics. Its lace fabrics are generally divided into two types: lace lace fabrics and hollow lace fabrics.The former is elegant and romantic, and the latter is more bold and sexy.

Who is suitable for wearing open crotch pants and sexy underwear?

It is very suitable for those who wear open crotch pants for self -confidence and dare to express themselves. They are also suitable for those who seek stimuli and freshness.Women can better show their sexy charm, and men can appreciate the sexy of beauty.

Type of open crotch pants sexy underwear

There are many types of open crotch pants, such as convenience, set, role -playing, etc., which can meet the needs of different people.

Purchase of open crotch pants for sexy underwear

When buying open crotch pants, you should pay attention to the materials, size, thickness and color of the underwear, which will affect its comfort and charm.

How to match the open crotch pants to sex underwear?

When paired with open crotch pants, you can add sexy atmosphere by wearing high -heeled shoes, red lips and other accessories, or with various men’s and women’s sex products, such as handcuffs, mouthball, etc. to add fun.

The maintenance of the open crotch pants and the sexy underwear

Put on the open crotch pants. The sexy underwear should be washed as possible when washing to avoid rubbing hard.It is recommended to choose a flexible cleaning agent to avoid scratching the surface of the fabric.At the same time, it should be placed cleanly and drying the ventilation.


The rise of wearing open crotch pants, a variant of modern social culture, emotional communication, and personality expression. It can relieve stress, but also increase sexual interest and romantic atmosphere.EssenceA good open crotch pants sexy underwear can make our lives more icing on the cake and more exciting.

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