Wang Ziwen’s fun underwear brand

Wang Ziwen’s fun underwear brand

brand introduction

Wang Ziwen is a well -known actor, director, producer, and clothing designer in China. In 2019, she founded her sexy lingerie brand "Tassel". This brand is committed to designing underwear into products with both beauty and functional.

design concept

The design concept of the Tassel brand is "ingenious and unique", which means that every sexy underwear it designed has a unique style and design element.Different from traditional sexy underwear, Tassel’s design inspiration comes from international fashion trends and Wang Ziwen’s own experience and imagination.

Product Categories

The interesting underwear of the Tassel brand is divided into a variety of different series, including "Fantasy Goddess", "Fashion Luxury", "Sexy Cat Woman", "Pure Girl" and other series. Each series has different styles and characteristics.Consumers who can meet different levels and needs.

Fabric quality

The fabrics used in the sexy underwear of the Tassel brand are high -quality materials that have been strictly selected and tested, such as real silk, lace, elastic silk, etc.These fabrics have the characteristics of comfort, breathability and softness, which can ensure the comfort and durability of the product.


The sexy lingerie design of the Tassel brand is very rich, including branches, underwear, suspenders, socks and other products. Each product has different design styles and characteristics to meet the needs of different consumers.In addition, Tassel will continue to launch new styles to meet the new needs of consumers.


The Tassel brand’s sexy underwear size is very comprehensive, which can meet consumers with different body types and needs.Tassel’s erotic underwear has launched a variety of different sizes, and most of them have been as small as small, so that consumers can choose the right product.

Package Design

The Tassel brand’s sexy underwear packaging design is very careful to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the product.Each product is packaged in a beautiful box. Each packaging box has special design elements, such as sexy and romantic, which vividly presents the style of the Tassel brand.

sales platform

The sexy underwear sales platform of the Tassel brand is very rich and diverse, including a variety of sales methods such as official websites, e -commerce platforms, and physical stores.Consumers can buy their favorite products anytime, anywhere, and at the same time, they can also experience the sexy underwear style of the Tassel brand in the physical store.


The sexy underwear of the Tassel brand has been loved by consumers with its unique design style and high -quality product quality.In the domestic and foreign markets, the sexy underwear of the Tassel brand has become one of the popular elements in the fashion circle, and at the same time, it has also attracted the attention and love of many stars and fashion media.


In summary, the sexy underwear of the Tassel brand with its unique design concepts, high -quality fabrics and products, as well as comprehensive size matching and rich sales platforms, has become one of the high -profile brands in domestic and foreign markets.In the future, the sexy underwear of the Tassel brand will continue to meet more consumers’ needs for sex underwear with its high -quality, cost -effective and perfect after -sales service.

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