Three points of sexy underwear small breasts

Three-point sexy underwear-small breast version

In addition to the pleasure that can be worn by people, it can also add points to the body curve.Because each person’s body curve and body shape are different, sexy underwear should also be designed for different body shapes.This article will be discussed around the three -point sex lingerie, and how to make the small breast MM also wear sexy and confident.

What is three -point erotic underwear?

We first need to clarify what is three -point sex underwear.3 Points of sexy underwear In addition to two cups, there are also a symbolic fine gauze.It mainly reflects charm and sexy.Its beauty lies in "with almost the smallest materials, echoing sexy and constantly demanding demand." Said Li Jiye, the founder of Maodou pajamas brand.

Several three -point erotic lingerie style suitable for small breasts MM

Here are some three -point erotic lingerie styles that are suitable for small breasts MM to add points to your figure.

1. Hoster pipe design

The hose design maintains the traditional T -shaped three -point underwear design in the style, but the use of the material does spend a lot of effort. It uses soft skin -friendly fabric to be lazy and comfortable.It is very casual and natural when wearing.

2. Gauze turning design

It has a shallow V -neck and tulle turning shape, sexy and charming, shaping the gentle and elegant soft lines.Suitable for a goddess who is implicit.

3. Found buckle design

This three -point underwear adopts the form of front buckle, which is not only convenient to wear and take off, but also more convenient dry cleaning and more hygienic.The unique joint design plus thin and unprepared fabrics create a very emotional sexy atmosphere.

How to choose the size?

When choosing three -point sex underwear, you must choose a size suitable for you, so as to reflect the sexy and curved advantages of the underwear.

1. Measure the bust

The first thing to measure is the bust, which is about to retract the tip of the chest, and then the chest is wrapped in a loose band with a width of about 2.5 cm. See how CM is enough, and keep it tight.Under normal circumstances, the same size number, the brand may have a slight difference in measurement standards, please refer to the specific product size.

2. Reference size table

Before buying sex underwear, you can refer to the size of each brand. It is recommended to choose the above market as much as possible.Major brands have their own size tables. When choosing, they can find their own size on the size table according to their own measurement results.

What do I need to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear?

Now that you have mastered the skills of buying small breasts MM, you should also notice how to wear three -point underwear.

1. Pruning armpit hair

The sexy three -point underwear obviously cannot expose half of the hair under the armpit, so you must trim or remove the armpit hair before you wear it to keep it clean and hygienic, and at the same time make yourself more confident.

2. Pay attention to exposing the proportion

The petite MM should pay attention to the scope of the underwear exposed. It should not be too exposed. You can use a thin outer cover in the clothes jacket, which not only protects yourself, but also shows a sexy temperament.

Spring effects of sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear is not only to satisfy my pursuit of beauty, but also an opportunity to exercise self -confidence.While making ourselves more beautiful, it will also make us more confident in ourselves and to pursue what we want.


At this point, about how the small breast MM wears three -point erotic underwear and what kind of three -point erotic underwear to choose, the problem that should be paid attention to, and the additional effects of sexy underwear, Xiaobian will introduce you to you.I hope that when you choose a sexy underwear, you can choose reasonable selection according to your body, style and needs, and put interest and self -confidence into your heart.

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