There are fun underwear in the underwear shop

There are fun underwear in the underwear shop

In addition to the underwear wearing underwear in the underwear store, there is also a hearty corner -the sexy underwear area.

First: What is sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear refers to underwear for sexy/tempting. Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear focuses on stimulation through visual, tactile, hearing, etc., so that wearing and opposite sex/partners are more intimate and more emotional.

Second: Category of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple styles, such as:

Missing type: Use lace, hollow design and other designs to emphasize key parts, expose to increase the effect of teasing.

Uniform type: Incorporate professional uniform elements such as nurses, stewardess, police and other professional uniforms into the design of the underwear, so that the wearer has a sexy female protagonist.

Open type: Compared with traditional underwear, the open design reduces the cover of the fabric, allows the body to expose more naked, so as to increase the visual sexy effect.

Third: Who is suitable for wearing sexy underwear?

Fun underwear is suitable for those who want to increase interest and enhance the relationship between husband and wife/couple.Even if you are single, buy some sexy underwear in the sexy underwear shop, there is a feeling of adding confidence to yourself and pursuing beautiful love.

Fourth: It is difficult to choose the size of sex underwear?

In fact, the choice of underwear size is never a simple matter.And even more of the product, which focuses on fit and comfort, is even more so.It is recommended to measure the size of each part of the body before buying and consult the clerk.

Fifth: How to wear sexy underwear correctly?

Practicing sexy underwear is not only comfortable to whether it is comfortable, but also to the display effect.It is recommended to pay attention to the following matters:

After wearing underwear, you can adjust and confirm whether the chest is correct in the underwear cup.

If there is too much exposure to the bottom, you need to replace the style or number.

Try to avoid wearing underwear for a long time "bundle" your body to avoid affecting blood circulation.

Sixth: Precautions for cleaning sex underwear

Due to the complex design of sexy underwear, the material used is relatively diverse. You need to pay special attention to the correct cleaning method, otherwise it may affect the service life of the underwear or cause damage.Therefore, when purchasing, you need to ask the clerk the correct cleaning method.

Seventh: How to buy sexy underwear in the lingerie shop?

When buying sexy underwear, first choose a style that is suitable for your style and body, and then determine whether the size is suitable.When buying, it is particularly important to communicate with the clerk. Tell the clerk’s needs and allow the clerk to provide you better.At the same time, pay attention to whether the counter provides a trial and return and exchange policy.

Eighth: In what occasions are suitable for sexy underwear?

Although sexy underwear is a strategy of strengthening the mood, you need to pay attention to the occasion of wearing.It is recommended to wear in the following occasions:

Suitable for wearing in romantic dating/couple activities to increase interest.

Suitable for wearing before or with a close time with your partner.

Not suitable for wearing in formal occasions to avoid embarrassing situations.

Ninth: How to complete the sexy underwear shape?

Due to the strange and personal figure of sexy underwear, you need to match the appropriate clothes and shoes when wearing it to show the sexy underwear shape.It is recommended that wearers can refer to fashion magazines, websites or inquiries about the suggestions of the clerk, thereby enhancing the differences and attractions of the overall shape.

Tenth: our point of view of sexy underwear

As a special underwear, sexy underwear can increase the mood and teasing effect, but we noticed that out of the needs of materialization, some people will bring sexy underwear into gender discrimination, violence, and inequality.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, we need to look at this product rationally and healthy, and be careful not to pursue excessive stimulation effects in sexual experience.

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