Taobao shooting sex underwear model


With the rapid development of the sexy underwear industry, shooting sex underwear model has become an indispensable part of Taobao merchants.However, shooting sexy underwear models requires some special skills and precautions.This article will introduce some skills and precautions for shooting sexy underwear models. I hope it will be helpful to Taobao merchants in shooting sexy underwear.

Ensure the comfort of the model

When you shoot sexy underwear models, you must first ensure the comfort of the model.This is very important, because if the model is uncomfortable, her expression and body language will be affected, which will eventually affect the quality of the photo.Therefore, before shooting, please communicate with the model to tell her what posture and expression you need, and encourage her throughout the process.

Select the right posture

It is important to choose a suitable posture when you shoot a sexy underwear model.Because of other categories of clothes, sexy underwear is usually exposed, so each sex underwear has its specific suitable posture.When choosing a posture, pay attention to the body’s body shape and height, and it is best to choose a posture of highlighting the body advantage.

Use the right light

When shooting sexy underwear models, it is important to use the appropriate light.Incorrect light will make the photos dim, affecting the details and color presentation.When using light, it is best to choose soft natural light or appropriate light.The light source should not be illuminated from the back, and it can use backlight or side light.

Pay attention to the background

When shooting sexy underwear models, note that the background is a problem that must be considered.The background should be matched with the color tone of the sexy underwear. It is best to monu’s or solid color to avoid the background color and the pattern of the color of the erotic underwear.If you use special backgrounds, such as brick walls or leaves, make sure they do not disperse the audience’s attention to models and underwear.

Choose the right camera and lens

When shooting sexy underwear models, choosing the right camera and lens is one of the key steps.The camera must have sufficient pixels and quality, so that the details of the photo are clear.The lens must have the appropriate focal length to capture the details and curves of the model.If you are not sure how to choose, you can consult a professional photographer’s opinion.

Use post -processing tools

When shooting sexy underwear models, later processing tools should be used to improve the quality of the photo.In the later processing software, the photos can be corrected, shear, sharpness, and light adjustment of the photos to make the photo show better visual effects.

Multi -angle

When shooting sexy underwear models, it is very important to shoot a multi -angle.Using multiple angles can highlight the different parts of sexy underwear, such as shoulder straps, hems and pants to better display the characteristics and advantages of sexy underwear.In addition, using multiple angles can meet the needs of different customers.

Don’t beautify too much

Do not beautify the photos when shooting sexy underwear models.Although sexy underwear is sexy and tempting, it still needs to be realistic.Therefore, when dealing with photos, do not excessively change the model’s body shape and skin, so as not to cause customers’ sense of distrust.


To shoot sexy underwear models require special skills and precautions, but as long as you follow the above suggestions, you can take high -quality sexy underwear photos to attract more customers.Of course, if you want more professional results, you can consider asking a professional photographer to help.

In the end, whether it is shooting or hiring photographers yourself, you should follow the principles of honesty and integrity to avoid unnecessary disputes.

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