Taobao evaluation of sex underwear

The evaluation of sexy underwear on Taobao

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping platforms in China and one of the main sales channels for sex underwear.On Taobao, you can see a lot of sexy underwear products and evaluations.This article will talk about the evaluation of sexy underwear on Taobao.

Price evaluation

The price of sexy underwear on Taobao is uneven, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.Although the price is huge, most users support the price of these sexy underwear. After all, these products are high -end and distinctive.However, some customers think that the price is too high and it is not worth it.

Style evaluation

The style of sexy underwear has a variety of styles, from sexy lace to special design styles.On Taobao, users can easily find a style that suits them.However, some customers will feel that the style is not diverse and hopes to have more choices.

Material evaluation

The material of sexy underwear is also a problem for customers to care about.On Taobao, most sexy underwear uses high -quality fabrics, so users’ evaluation of their materials is generally very high.However, a few users questioned some sexy underwear that is too basic or impermeable.

Size evaluation

The range of sexy underwear on Taobao is very wide, which can basically meet the needs of most customers.But there are some problems, such as inaccurate size or difficulty in size conversion.As a result, some customers call for more accurate marks.

Service rating

Taobao services have always been the focus of users.As a special product, sexy underwear also requires special services.Many customers are very satisfied with the service of Taobao stores and believe that the store is very dedicated.However, there are also a few customers who are not satisfied with the service of the store, such as logistics issues.

Quality Evaluation

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear, so its quality problem is extremely important.On Taobao, the quality of erotic underwear is uneven, some products are high, and some are inferior.In the evaluation, a large number of consumers have expressed their attention and evaluation of the quality of sexy underwear.They believe that the quality of sexy underwear is one of the key points for buying.

After -sales evaluation

After -sales is a question that Taobao users care about.Some erotic underwear cannot be returned because of special materials or designs.Therefore, after -sales service is particularly important for such products.In the after -sales evaluation, users have different evaluations of after -sales service, but most users are satisfied with the after -sales service of Taobao stores.

Experience evaluation

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear, which directly affects the experience of the entire use process.On Taobao, many users will evaluate the experience of sexy, comfortable, breathable, easy to wear, etc.Overall, users are very satisfied with these aspects.

Family Adult Products Evaluation

Family adult products are a special sexy underwear on Taobao.Their materials and design are more suitable for family use.On Taobao, there are relatively few users who buy these products, but their evaluations of these products are generally higher. They believe that family adult products are more sanitary and safe, and they are more suitable for family use.


Taken together, the evaluation of sexy underwear on Taobao is generally higher.Although there are some problems in terms of price, styles, size and other aspects, in general, users have high evaluation of various services provided by Taobao stores.

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