Sexy underwear photos reveal underwear

Sexy underwear photos reveal underwear

Sexy underwear photos reveal underwear


In modern society, sexy underwear is accepted by more and more women.Many women not only wear sexy underwear to increase self -confidence and sexy, but also enhance the feelings between husband and wife.However, when women wear sexy underwear, pay attention to the embarrassing situation of underwear.

Root cause

In fact, the root cause of the problem is not in the erotic underwear itself, but our misunderstandings and incorrect methods of sexy underwear.When choosing clothes, we often ignore the matching of sexy underwear, resulting in inappropriate situations such as exposing underwear when wearing sexy underwear.

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First of all, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must be matched with the overall dress to avoid embarrassing scenes exposing underwear.If you are shorts or skirts, choose high waist underwear to match.

Secondly, when wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the size and color of the underwear.Choose a suitable size of the underwear, do not choose too large or too small, otherwise the underwear will be exposed.In addition, the color should be properly matched to avoid the colors that are not matched with underwear and underwear.

Underwear style

You also need to pay attention to the style of sexy underwear, do not choose too complicated styles.When buying, you must consider your body and curve. Choosing a style that suits you can not only highlight the curve, but not too sexy.At the same time, it is very important to ensure that the style will not cause the underwear.

Underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is also very critical.Choosing good breathability, soft and comfortable material can ensure that you do not have discomfort when you wear, or protect your body very well.And it can also avoid the embarrassing situation of the underwear.

Custom underwear

If you can’t find a sexy underwear that suits you, you can consider custom underwear.Professional customized underwear services can create the most suitable sex underwear for you according to your body shape and needs, thereby avoiding the problem of exposing underwear.


Underwear maintenance

For women who already have sexy underwear, correct maintenance is also very important.To avoid problems such as grinding and washing and deformation, you cannot use the washing machine to clean it.You need to wash it with cold water or warm water. Do not use a cleaning agent containing bleach or shrinking agent.If necessary, it is necessary to dry well, and it is best to avoid direct exposure.

Different use occasions

You also need to choose different sexy underwear according to different use occasions.For example, when dating, you can generally select sexy styles.But in formal occasions, a relatively low -key style should be selected.Avoid indecent situations in formal occasions.

With shoes and socks

In order to better match sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the choice of shoes and socks.Many women only pay attention to the matching of underwear and ignore the matching of shoes and socks and overall shapes.Selecting shoes and socks correctly can make the entire shape more perfect.

in conclusion

In general, when wearing sexy underwear, it should be paired properly. Pay attention to the size and color of the underwear. Don’t be too complicated.At the same time, pay attention to the material and maintenance of sexy underwear.As long as you master these techniques, you can easily avoid the embarrassing situation of the underwear.