Sexy underwear Overseas purchasing online store joins

Sexy underwear Overseas purchasing online store joins

Introduce the advantages of sexy underwear overseas purchasing online stores to join

The market demand, which is expanding, is also very popular in overseas markets.In order to meet the needs of global consumers, many sexy underwear brands have begun to provide overseas purchasing services, and at the same time, they have also started recruiting overseas agents to join.What are the advantages of overseas purchasing online stores?

Save the cost of opening a store

Overseas purchasing online stores joining the sex underwear brand is much lower than the opening cost of traditional physical stores.The agent does not need to pay a variety of expenses such as rent, renovation fee, and employee salary. It only needs to pay a certain franchise fee and platform usage fee to have a stable business platform.

No inventory risk

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The agent does not need to prepare and store products in person, nor does it need to bear the inventory risk, as long as you open a store on the platform.The products sold are provided by the brand or platform, which reduces the operating costs and risks of the agent.

Provide brand support and publicity

Brands usually provide various support required by agents, such as providing product promotional materials, advertising support, training and guidance.Agent can also use brand awareness to increase sales and get higher benefits.

develop overseas markets

Overseas purchasing online stores that join the sex underwear brand can directly expand the market for consumers.Promote through social media and search engine optimization, open up broader overseas markets, and increase brand influence and brand awareness.

Get higher profits and benefits

The agent can obtain higher profits and income through franchise overseas purchasing online stores.Because agents do not need to bear the high cost of traditional physical stores, the profit margin is relatively high.

Avoid operating risks

The survival of traditional physical stores faces many risks, such as geographical location, rent rising, labor costs, and so on.Through the overseas purchasing online stores that franchise brands, many operating risks can be avoided and operating is more stable.


Application process for joining overseas online stores

First of all, agents need to understand the brand’s franchise policy, including franchise fees, contract periods, and the rights and obligations enjoyed by the agent.Then submit a franchise application, and the brand will review the agent.After the review is approved, the agent will obtain the right to open a store on overseas purchasing websites.

How to increase the sales of sexy underwear purchasing online stores

To increase sales, purchasing online stores need to be continuously improved and optimized.The agent can achieve the following points: strengthen product promotion, promote brand, increase customer confidence in purchasing decision -making; to provide better customer services, including rapid response to customer needs and problems, solve customer problems in time; follow up customers in time;Feedback and suggestions, continuously improve business strategies and marketing methods.

What are the more mature sexy lingerie buying online store brands?

When the sexy underwear market is quite broad, many well -known brands have emerged.Among them, lace fate, Vascara and other brands are very popular in overseas markets, providing good overseas purchasing franchise services.In addition, brands such as OHYEAH, Jenny, Oroblu have also attracted much attention.


Joining overseas purchasing online stores is a new agency model that can effectively reduce the costs and risks of agents, and at the same time expand customer groups for brand merchants in overseas markets.For agents who want to open a sexy underwear business, it is a good choice to join overseas online stores.