Sexy underwear facial printing and dyeing machine

Sexy underwear facial printing and dyeing machine

Sexy underwear facial printing and dyeing machine

The fabric printing and dyeing of sexy underwear is one of the core links that affect the quality of the product.The choice and printing and dyeing process of fabrics determine the color, feel and comfort of the final product.In this field, machine technology is playing an increasingly large role, which can improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.This article will introduce the types of sexy underwear printed and dyeing machines and its advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional printing and dyeing process

In the past, artificial printing and dyeing were the main way to create sexy underwear.This method requires a lot of labor, and at the same time cannot completely control the printing and dyeing effect.The output is low, delaying delivery time, and cannot meet the needs of the modern market.The traditional printing and dyeing process includes:

Fabric preparation

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Version of

Liquid acid treatment

printing and dyeing




Digital printing and dyeing machine

Digital printing and dyeing machines are one of the core technologies of modern sex lingerie manufacturing.Digital printing and dyeing machines use computer control systems to achieve automated printing and dyeing, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor and spending time costs.

Hot transferor

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The thermal transfer machine is one of the most common digital printing and dyeing machines. It is a one -time printing and dyeing by directly combining polyamine pigments with textile fabrics.This method can form permanent patterns and colors, bright and lasting colors.The heat transfer machine can handle various fabrics. No matter its type and weaving structure, the results are excellent.

Inkjet Printers

The principle of inkjet printer is to use ink to spray in the textile fabric to form patterns and colors.This method is slightly slower than the heat transfer, but it can achieve real -time printing and dyeing, that is, the speed of printing and dyeing is fast.Inkjet printers can handle various different fabrics and are not limited by its types and weaving structures.

Digital printing machine

Digital printing machine is a new type of digital printing and dyeing machine that can achieve a more refined printing and dyeing effect.The digital printing machine uses inkjet technology, and the color is very bright.Unlike inkjet printers, the output material of the digital printing machine is a special dye, which has better durability and stability.Digital printing machines can print a large number of complex patterns, which is very suitable for making high -end sexy underwear.

Super silk printed machine

Super silk printing machine is another digital printing and dyeing machine. With its unique printing and dyeing effect, it is widely used to create various sexy underwear.Super silk printing machine can achieve high precision printing and dyeing, and can print complex patterns on more delicate fabrics.In addition, Super Silk printing technology has high efficiency and high stability, and can also reduce manufacturing costs.


In addition to digital printing and dyeing machines, loose dyeing machines are also one of the important equipment for making sexy underwear.The scattered dye can achieve a large quantitative and non -fixed -volume color printing, which is bright.Compared with digital printing and dyeing machines, the dispersion machine has higher production speed and lower cost, but it cannot achieve the same printing and dyeing effect.

Hot machine

Thermal machine is usually used to heat the textiles. The fabric that is about to print is heated at high temperature to solidify and improve its durability.The role of thermal fixed machine is very critical.Excessive or too low temperatures will have a negative impact on the effect of the final dyeing and dyeing effect.

Connected printing and dyeing machine

Line printing and dyeing machine is the latest technology of digital printing and dyeing machines.It combines the digital printing and dyeing machine and the thermal fixed machine to achieve the entire printing and dyeing process in the same process.The pilot and dyeing machine shorten the printing and dyeing time, the production efficiency is high, and the quality of the output products is more stable.

in conclusion

With the continuous development of digital printing and dyeing machine technology, the fun underwear manufacturing process will become more advanced and precise.Digital printing and dyeing machines can improve production efficiency, high reliability, and low cost. Therefore, it is currently a very good direction to create sexy underwear.However, different types of machines have their own characteristics, and they must make wise choices according to their needs and experience before use.