Sexy underwear delivery box

Sexy underwear delivery box

1 Introduction

As a special underwear, sexy underwear can bring people different experiences and feelings.When buying and receiving sexy underwear, the box is also a very important link.

2. The role of the box

The packaging box is an external manifestation of sexy underwear. It can not only protect the underwear from being stained and broken, but also bring a new shopping experience to consumers.

3. Types of packaging boxes

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Depending on the type of sexy underwear, the packaging boxes are also different. Common types are ordinary carton, light box, magnetic box, etc., and some brands will design special packaging boxes.

4. Design elements of box boxes

A good packaging box design must conform to the following elements: uniqueness, aesthetics, practicality and cultural inclusion.

5. The confidentiality of the box

Interest underwear is a private item, and the box must ensure confidentiality.A good packaging box should be opaque, the appearance is similar to ordinary gift boxes, and it is not easy to attract others’ attention.

6. The size of the box

There are also certain differences in the size of the packaging boxes of different brands, but it is generally designed according to the underwear size to reduce the gap as possible to protect underwear.

7. Hygiene of boxing boxes

The probability of packaging boxes is less likely to contact human skin, but on the basis of keeping dry and without odor, it is necessary to ensure hygiene problems.For some low -grade, irregular sexy underwear merchants, packaging box hygiene is very easy to be ignored.


8. Environmental protection issues of packaging boxes

The issue of packaging boxes and environmental protection has become a hot topic for common attention in the world.When choosing sexy underwear, environmentally friendly packaging boxes should also be a problem we need to consider.

9. Brand design of the box

The packaging box is also a carrier that reflects the brand elements in the sexy lingerie brand.Good brand design can increase the reputation of the brand and increase the desire to buy consumers.

10. Conclusion

Good sexy underwear packaging boxes must meet elements such as practicality, confidentiality, aesthetics, hygiene, environmental protection and brand design.For consumers, in addition to underwear stored in the box, it is more pleasant and anticipated.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, we must also pay enough attention to the box.