Sex lingerie Wedding model

Sex lingerie Wedding model

Sex lingerie Wedding model


For the bride, wearing a beautiful wedding dress is one of the most special moments in life.And with the appropriate underwear, it is also important to help them show the perfect figure and confidence.Because brides usually need to wear white wedding dresses, special sexy lingerie wedding models came into being to meet the needs of various figures and styles.

Classic white

White is a representative of traditional weddings, so it is more appropriate to choose a white sex underwear to match the white wedding dress.The classic styles include lace, net eye, lace and other designs. Gorgeous decorations can make the bride more eye -catching.

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Sexy black

Although the black and sexy underwear is not the first choice for wedding dressing, it is a good choice for the brides who want to show sexy charm.Black lace and transparent design can make the bride have the temperament of confidence and dare to try.

Light pink

Pink represents romance and tenderness. Many brides choose light pink pour sexy underwear to match their wedding dresses.This color underwear usually uses soft fabrics and sweet designs, echoing the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.


Polishing underwear is a newer sexy lingerie style. It uses luminous materials to wear with wedding dresses, and the body will emit a slight flash, making the whole person look brighter.This design is very suitable for those brides who want to attract attention.


The low -cut style is used to show the beautiful clavicle and chest lines of the bride, and it is very suitable for the design of flowers or lace to increase more romantic atmosphere.But pay attention to avoid being too exposed and keep wearing dignified and elegant.


Curvy Plus

Waist underwear is famous for its abdomen and better body lines.If the bride wants to show the perfect curve and body shape in the wedding, then this underwear is a good choice.It is suitable for any wedding type, and it is also very convenient to wear.


The vest -style sexy underwear is open on the back, preparing for various shoulder straps and back transparent wedding dresses.The design of this underwear is usually kept in a simple and generous style, bringing the benefits that the bride cannot ignore.


Tattooed sexy underwear is a new design that uses fabrics with tattoos to increase the mystery of the bride.This design is suitable for those brides who want to be unique at the wedding, because they can highlight their characteristics through this design.

Match with wedding dress style

In the end, when the bride chooses a sexy lingerie wedding dress, they must consider the matching of the style of the wedding dress with the underwear design.For example, when paired with transparent wedding dresses, you can choose lace or deep V -neck -style underwear to increase women’s beauty.


Among all wedding etiquette, the bride must reflect as much as possible as much as possible.Interest underwear is a great choice to add confidence and charm.The bride can choose one that suits you from the style listed above according to his body shape and style, so that he is more perfect in the wedding.