Security sexy underwear

Security sexy underwear

Security Intellect

With the popularity of sexy underwear, many people choose to wear sexy sexy underwear on the journey to increase the fun of the journey.However, many passengers find their sexy underwear as suspicious items during security checks.So how to deal with sexy underwear correctly during baggage security?Let’s discuss it below.

1. First of all, what is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Its design aims to make the wearer feel more sexy and more beautiful.Generally, sexy underwear uses soft materials and is equipped with lace, silk and other decorations. They have various styles, including bras, bottom pants, suspenders and accessories.

2. Why does sex underwear attract the attention of security inspectors?

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Sex underwear is more attractive than ordinary underwear, and their fabrics are thinner, softer, and more easily curved and folded.In the X -ray machine, sexy underwear may show different shapes from other underwear, which will attract the attention of security inspectors.

3. How do security inspectors check sex underwear?

At the security station, the security inspection personnel will scan the passenger’s luggage on the X -ray machine.If sexy underwear is regarded as suspicious items, security personnel have the right to further check the items in luggage.Some airport security personnel may need to take out sex underwear to observe carefully to confirm that they are not dangerous goods.

4. What is the way to deal with sexy underwear correctly?

In order to avoid the attention of sexy underwear during luggage security, passengers can put sex underwear in plastic bags and then put them in the middle layer of luggage.This can separate the sexy underwear from other items to avoid attracting unnecessary attention on the X -ray machine.

5. What else do you need to pay attention to?

Passengers should pay attention to their words and deeds when the security stations.If the passengers show or show other suspicious behaviors, the security inspection personnel will handle their luggage more cautiously.Therefore, passengers should relax themselves and don’t be too nervous.

6. What should be in the choice of sexy underwear?

When choosing a sexy underwear, passengers should consider their travel purpose and travel time.If you want to travel long distances, it is very important to wear comfortable sexy underwear, otherwise it will adversely affect the travel.


7. How do passengers protect their privacy?

For those who pay more attention to privacy, they can put sexy underwear in dedicated luggage so that security personnel can avoid excessive disturbance of security personnel.At the same time, they can also label "disinfection" on the sexy underwear to prevent the security inspection personnel from being inspected.

8. So is the sexy underwear worn safely on flights?

Wearing sexy underwear is safe in flights, as long as the passengers feel comfortable.However, under emergencies, wearing sexual emotional interesting underwear may bring unnecessary difficulties to themselves and others.


Security is the first consideration of our transportation.Although sexy underwear is beautiful and sexy, passengers must always pay attention to security issues during travel.During baggage security, passengers should pay attention to dealing with sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary interference to themselves and others.