Zhao Yitong has no holy light

Zhao Yitong has no holy light

Zhao Yitong, as a sexy actress, has always been sought after by male fans, and her sexy image is more supported by erotic underwear.The sexy underwear worn by Zhao Yitong has both sexy styles and cute styles, but the most amazing thing is the celebration she once participated in. At that celebration, Zhao Yitong wore a sanctuary sexy underwear, which caused the majority ofThe male audience exclaimed.Below, let’s find out to understand the story and principles behind Zhao Yitong’s no -light underwear.

Interest underwear type

First, we need to understand the type of love underwear.Sex underwear is a special underwear that can show women’s charm and advantages. It is mainly divided into sexy lingerie, beauty sexy underwear, adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear and other styles.Sexy underwear mainly emphasizes the sexy and beautiful forms of women. Beautiful sexy underwear focuses on presenting women’s figure and temperament. Adults’ sexy underwear pays more attention to darkness and sexual desire on the bed.European and American sex underwear is more inclined to luxurious and aggressive design style.

Zhao Yitong’s type without holy light underwear

This sanctified light underwear worn by Zhao Yitong is essentially a type of transparent underwear series.Transparent underwear is also a kind of sexy underwear. It is mainly characterized by thin cicada wings and translucent. It can make the entire underwear show a translucent effect without exposing important parts, and then show women’s figure and temperament.At the same time, add more mystery and sexy.

Principles of no holy light underwear

The name of no sanctuary lingerie sounds novel. The so -called sanctuary is actually the translucent nature of the underwear materials itself.Through reasonable design and tailoring, without exposing the important parts of the sanctuary underwear, it can present more skin visual effects, so that women wearing underwear can still be displayed without exposing the sensitive parts.Out of your own figure and beauty.

The popularity of no holy light underwear

In fact, no holy light underwear has become popular as early as the 1980s, but due to the restrictions on the social environment, this underwear is considered a relatively good and obscene underwear, so it is not widely accepted and promotedEssenceHowever, with the change of the times and the opening of social concepts, no holy light underwear has gradually been accepted by more and more women, and in modern sexy underwear brands, no holy light underwear has become a standard.There are such products because it is really attractive.

Suitable for wearing no holy light underwear

No sacred light underwear itself is a sexy underwear with excellent visual effects. It needs to be worn under appropriate occasions to show its charm.For example, if you want to surprise your other half in the special festival of Valentine’s Day, wearing a sanctuary underwear at this time will be a very good choice.Of course, this underwear is not only suitable for wearing between romantic couples, but also can be worn in sexy Club, showing their sexy, mysterious and attractiveness.


Although no holy light underwear is very sexy and amazing, we still need to pay attention to some matters.First of all, pay attention to the brand when buying no holy light underwear, and choose from a well -known brand to avoid affecting your physical health because of inferior products.Secondly, when wearing no holy light underwear, you must pay attention to temperature and occasions, especially in winter, you must put on a cotton -style warm underwear.

Zhao Yitong’s display effect without holy light underwear

Back to the beginning, Zhao Yitong has no holy light underwear. In fact, it is a sexy underwear in the inner half transparent lace cup in the black stockings.Wearing this underwear can be said to be very sexy and eye -catching, and Zhao Yitong’s fans also like it very much.

Will no holy light underwear become a new trend?

Although no holy light underwear has become a common product in the sexy underwear market, we don’t want it to become a trend and become a new trend.After all, women’s figure and beauty should be surprised and reserved. Only in this way can we better attract men’s attention. This is also pursued by sexy underwear.

in conclusion

All in all, sexy underwear is a very attractive and visual effects of special underwear. No holy light underwear is one of the classic styles.Although the sacred light underwear worn by Zhao Yitong is not practical, it can show the body and charm of women, attracting the attention of many men.When we choose to wear underwear, we must also pay attention to the occasion and temperature to ensure our health.In the end, we also hope that sexy underwear should not be a trend. We should pay more attention to women itself, retaining a mystery and elegance.