You can tear the tension of sexy jackets

You can tear the tension of sexy jackets

What is tearing and tipped sexy underwear

It is a specially designed sexy underwear. There is a stretching zipper or magic sticker on the back or front, so that the underwear can be easily torn or peeled off.This underwear is suitable for the interaction and enthusiastic experience between couples.This underwear style creativity comes from the scene where traditional stockings have been torn.

Can tear the material of sexy underwear

It can tear up the material of sexy underwear like ordinary sex underwear, such as silk, lace, mesh and so on.Different materials can tear up sexy underwear to give people a very different feeling. For example, the silk -to -tear -torn stroke underwear reveals sexy and noble, while the tearing -of -torn pornographic underwear of the mesh yarn is even thinner and breathable.

The style that can tear the sexy underwear

The style of tearing -of -torn sex underwear is also very diverse, including a variety of styles such as one, three -point, and four -point style.One -piece tear -torn sexy underwear is the simplest style, similar to a skirt or dress, which can be torn out directly from the front or behind after putting it on.The three -point and four -point -style tear -torn -torn sexy underwear has more fine designs. After putting it on, the naked parts are more and the stimulus is stronger.

Can tear the use of sexy underwear

It can tear up and pull -up underwear for important days such as Valentine’s Day and Birthday Celebration.Wearing a torn stretch underwear at the celebration occasion can not only make the atmosphere enthusiastically, but also enhance the intimacy of both parties.In addition, it is also a private enjoyment to wearing a torn and tip -to -torn sexy underwear and the other half.

How to buy can be torn and torn

If you want to buy a torn of torn sexy underwear, you can go to the sex products store or online store.The options of various styles such as size, color, material, etc. are also very rich.When choosing, pay attention to your body and preferences to ensure the quality and use of underwear.

The maintenance method of tearing the sexy underwear

The maintenance method of tearing the sexy underwear is similar to that of ordinary erotic underwear.You need to wash with water or a small amount of gentle washing solution, and do not use any bleach.Dry flat to avoid direct sunlight.Do not wash or dry it with hot water to avoid affecting the quality and life of underwear.


When using tearing -of -torn sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to safety issues, especially when you are irritating and adventurous.At the same time, it is necessary to abide by the common rules and wishes of both parties during use to ensure that the two parties can enjoy fun together, rather than suffer any discomfort or harm.


It is a kind of passion and adventure experience that can tear up and pull -to -interest underwear, which can enhance the intimacy and enthusiasm of couple relationships.However, we need to pay attention to safety and obey the rules when used to ensure that both parties are a pleasant and healthy experience.

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