Yiyi sells sexy underwear novels

Yiyi sells sexy underwear novels

Town first love

In the eyes of most people, Yiyi is just an ordinary sexy underwear salesman.However, in the town, she is a legend.

Ten years ago, Yiyi was the most beautiful girl in this town.At that time, she fell in love with a boy named Xiaoqiang.Two years later, Xiaoqiang moved to college elsewhere.The exhaustion and friction of long -distance love made the two finally completely separate.But despite this, the first love has become a memory that Yiyi never extinguishs.

New beginning

Ten years have passed, Yiyi has worked hard in the city for many years, and has been a salesperson in a sexy underwear shop.She has an optimistic and cheerful heart, always enjoying life as much as possible.She has a new friend and a new relationship.After breaking up with Xiaoqiang, she did not try to love again, but the precipitation of time seemed to make her more know. If she wanted to feel the enthusiasm of the first love, she could only find it through various channels.

Super salesman

Fortunately, as a salesperson, Yiyi believes that all games must be led by themselves.She has an endless creativity that can always show the goods as perfect as possible when her customers want.

She has also become the best salesperson in the company, a monthly sales champion.Her shop has become a well -known brand.It didn’t take long for her to open her own store, the store name was Yiyi.

Discovered the beauty of the world

Her life has become colorful and is deeply attracted by new things and experience.She began to travel, traveling between different cities to explore different cultures, and understand different food and cultural activities.

During the trip, she saw the bold imagination and charm of the top designers around the world, and the fusion of the design ideas with their design ideas made her start to have a deeper interest in the design of sexy underwear.Immediately, she began to break away from most people, and she planned to create high -quality sexy underwear for everyone who wanted to present her outstanding beauty in her shop.

Brand independence

Yiyi opened her own shop at a offline store, because she saw the potential of that shop and wanted to make this brand into her own brand.

The offline store here is a "CO-OP", and each block has some Co-OP, which gathers the seller.They are united as joint business partners, and sellers shared resources for marketing.

Yiyi began to advertise on social media, and began to provide personalized recommendations for his physical data.She also tried online sales channels to extend the store to the entire market.


Yiyi has a deeper understanding of underwear and sexy underwear.She can always help people find the styles she needs.Her reputation has gradually spread to the sex underwear sales market in the entire country.At the same time, she stood on the podium of many academic activities and industry conferences, telling her stories, and sharing her knowledge with people.

Selection of personnel

Yiyi’s shop has expanded, and she needs more people to help her.She excavated and selected many talents.People from different backgrounds and culture are gathered together, learning from each other, and creating a better self.


Now, Yiyi’s brand has become a senior leader in the world’s sexy underwear market.Her company is still a small company, but it is undeniable that today’s sexy underwear sales market has been changed.

Yiyi’s success proves that no matter what the background, as long as he has a strong desire and achieves it, he can achieve success.


Yiyi’s successful experience reveals us: we must pay attention to our experience and knowledge, continue to learn and continue to innovate.In addition, the correct enthusiasm can inspire us to realize our dreams and achieve our career.

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