Yi Xi Qianxi involved in the feet and sexy underwear videos

1 Introduction

Yi Xi Qianxi is one of the most popular idols among young Chinese.Recently, the news of Yi Qian Qianxi’s sexy underwear video has attracted people’s attention.Many people think that this behavior is not suitable for idol identity, and has a great negative impact on society.But some people think that this is his personal hobby, and there is nothing bad for freedom of expression.In this article, we will explore the incident of Yi Xi Qianxi’s sexy underwear video from different perspectives.

2. Is the behavior of Yi Xi Qianxi suitable?

As a public figure, Yi Xi Qianxi will attract the attention of society.Is it appropriate to have a video of his sexy underwear?First of all, wearing sexy underwear is not an immoral thing. As long as it is a legal and voluntary behavior, there are no problems in private occasions.But unfortunately, not everyone can treat this rationally. These unreasonable evaluations and accusations should not be.

3. Personal hobbies and idol image

It is normal for people to have their own hobbies, but when an idol shows personal hobbies in public, there may be some problems.Obviously, sexy underwear does not meet his image as an idol, because idols need to maintain their good image in order to bring a positive impact.

4. Social moral standards and personal options

In modern society, people have accepted a lot of things that have been taboo before. People have more attention and protection of their personal choice and freedom, but at the same time, they must also take into account social moral standards.The interests of all parties in the society reaches a balance, that is, reasonable, legal, and restrained.

5. Interest spokesperson and personal sex lingerie

Some people criticize Yi Xi Qianxi as the spokesperson for interests, hoping to gain people’s desire to buy his personal sex underwear in this way.In fact, endorsement and personal hobbies are two different things, and there is no need to pull the relationship.The spokesperson for interests is just a means of business operation, which does not mean personal cooperation.

6. Questions about dual standards

In this incident, some people question the dual marks of the media. If it is a female artist involved in sexy underwear videos, the media and the public may have a more severe attitude towards this.However, there are also prejudice to female artists, so double standards should not exist.

7. Self -identity and social identity

A person’s self -identity and social identity are important.If a person expresses his own personality and values that are inconsistent with the recognition of society, you may face social ridicule and exclusion.However, a person should always maintain his own uniqueness and believe that his choice does not change his behavior because of the eyes of others.

8. See the event as a fashionable blog and pursue attention

In the current social media environment, some people regard this event as a behavior that pursues popularity and attention, and even regards this behavior as a fashionable blog.However, this approach will cause some bad impacts, not worthy of imitation.

9. Summary

Everyone has their own outlook on life and values, and everyone has the right to pursue freedom.However, any behavior needs to be carried out on the basis of reasonable, legal, and not harming others.For the incidents of Yi Xi Qianxi involved in full -footed underwear videos, we need to look at it under a rational and tolerant attitude, respect personal choices, and also have the right to criticize and oppose it.Compared with moral judgment or criticism, our better approach is to respect personal habits and choices, so that more people can do what we like, instead of changing ourselves without having to guess the attention and prejudice of others.

10. Conclusion

The incidents of Yi Xi Qianxi’s fun underwear videos caused heated discussions in society, and different opinions were intertwined.In order to avoid damage or unnecessary arguments, we should respect personal choices and rights while paying attention to personal behavior.In this way, society can be more diverse and free, everyone can enjoy true freedom, and also make each other more tolerant and understanding.

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