Yang Chenchen’s sexy underwear tulle

1 Introduction

Yang Chenchen is a Taobao sex lingerie owner. Recently, she launched a very popular sexy underwear -tulle, let’s take a look at its characteristics.

2. It looks very sexy

Type is a very light and thin fabric. It is very transparent after putting on, which can perfectly show the body’s curve, which makes people feel very sexy.

3. The material is very soft

Type is a very soft fabric. It is very comfortable after putting on, and there will be no sense of restraint. It is perfect for the wearing needs of sexy underwear.

4. Suitable for various occasions

Types are not only suitable for wearing in the bedroom, but also can be worn to participate in parties, nightclubs and other occasions to add interest.

5. Various styles

The sexy lingerie style of tulle is very diverse, including vests, hollow models, lace models, etc., which can be selected according to personal preference.

6. Various accessories

Types and sexy underwear can also be paired with various accessories, such as sexy stockings, high heels, etc., making the whole dress more perfect.

7. Simple maintenance

The maintenance of tulle sex lingerie is very simple, just use ordinary detergents to gently wash it.

8. There may be some problems

Due to the special nature of tulle fabrics, the fabric damage may occur during the wear process, and special attention needs to be paid.

9. High price

Because the material and workmanship requirements of tulle sexy underwear are relatively high, the price is relatively high.

10. Summary view

In general, tulle sexy underwear is a very sexy, comfortable and diverse underwear, and can be applied to various occasions.Although the price is relatively high and the maintenance requires special attention, it is still a sexy underwear worth buying.

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