Women’s Fat Intellect

Women’s Fat Intellectual Underwear Choice Troubleshooting Questions

The sexy underwear that breaks the traditional restraint and shows women’s charm is becoming more and more popular with women.However, for fat women, buying one is a problem that is suitable for both body and beauty and sexy sexy underwear.

The correct size and model selection

First of all, the purchase of women’s fat sex underwear must be based on the correct size.It is not recommended to blindly choose the size of the size, because this can easily cause the friction between the underwear and the body, and then generate discomfort; at the same time, do not choose a small size, because this will fail the supporting effect of the underwear and affect the wearing effect.It is recommended that when choosing a model, you can choose some slightly tight -fitting models, such as tight vest underwear, which can perfectly cover the body and make it more sexy.

Selection of color black, purple and other styles

For the choice of color, women’s fat and sexy underwear can choose some dark styles, such as black and purple.These colors can not only play a role in modifying the figure, but also make women look more attractive.At the same time, these dark colors are easier to match clothes.

Avoid too many lace and lace designs

In terms of style, women’s fat and sexy underwear should avoid excessive lace and lace design. These designs will make the underwear look too complicated, but will greatly destroy their original sexy charm.It is recommended to choose a simple and generous style to reduce excess decoration.

Choose the material to get rid of the sense of oppression

In terms of material, it is recommended to choose soft and breathable fabrics, such as cotton, silk, etc., getting rid of the sense of oppression, breathability and comfort, and can also better care for the skin.

Choose some styles of abdomen and breasts

For fat women, it is even more important to buy some sexy underwear in the abdomen and chest.These underwear have good contraction performance and supporting effects, which can effectively cover up the fat on the body and make women look more perfect.

Underwear with clothing skills

In the matching of underwear, you also need to pay attention to some skills.It is recommended to pair with retro -style clothes to stay away from too tight clothes to echo the underwear and clothes to achieve a better dressing effect.

Underwear time choice

In addition, the choice of women’s fat and sexy underwear should also pay attention to the timing.If you usually wear, you can choose some simple underwear; if it is an important occasion, you can choose some tight and sexy styles, which can better show the charm of women.

Underwear maintenance

Finally, the maintenance of underwear is also very important.For women’s fat and interesting underwear, it is recommended to choose hand washing to avoid using washing machines. At the same time, pay attention to avoid drying or exposure to maintain the beauty of the underwear and use the life.


For the choice of women’s fat and sexy underwear, the correct size, simple style, breathable and comfortable material, and suitable combination are important elements to achieve beautiful effects.At the same time, maintenance and timing selection are also issues that need to be paid attention to.A carefully selected fat and sexy underwear will affect women’s confidence and style to a certain extent. It is recommended that female friends consider their bodies and needs when buying sexy underwearDifferent experiences.

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