Women send men sexy underwear

Women send men sexy underwear

As a novel gift, sexy underwear not only plays an increasingly important role in the relationship between couples, but also can also play its huge effects in men.This scene may be a bit strange, but as the society is getting more and more open, more and more couples have begun to try such surprises.However, for women, how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for her boyfriend or husband may be a challenging task.In this article, we will tell the topic of women sending men’s sexy underwear and provide you with several useful suggestions.

1. First, understand the man’s body

In the process of choosing sexy underwear, we must first understand the man’s body.You need to consider his physical characteristics, such as: height, weight, bust, buttocks, etc.And understanding his body characteristics is not only the size, but also the material, color and style of the clothes he wear.

2. Consider occasion and purpose

When choosing a sexy underwear, in addition to considering the physical characteristics of men, you also need to consider the purpose and occasion of gift gifts.Is this a commemorative day, or is it a special occasion?Is this occasion with internal private, small occasions, or a large party?These problems need to be considered when choosing a suitable sex underwear.

3. Choose a style suitable for men

According to men’s personality and preferences, choose the style suitable for them.For example, some men like classical styles, and others will never accept this type of sexy underwear.Therefore, consider multiple aspects.

4. Choose high -quality sexy underwear

In addition to considering men’s physical characteristics, occasions and purposes, we must also pay attention to the quality of sexy underwear.In the market, there are many inferior sexy lingerie, which may be damaged due to quality problems after wearing it for a while.

5. Understanding men’s preferences vs your preferences

When you choose a sexy underwear that suits him for your man, you should pay attention to whether you and his preferences are consistent.If he likes simple, classic underwear, but you prefer creative underwear, then the choice of this Itemid is more difficult.

6. Understanding the poor figure is not the end

Not all men will have a perfect figure, not all sexy underwear are suitable for them.Similarly, you can also choose some underwear that can help him to highlight the advantages and hide the problem at the same time.In that way, he will feel more confident, and you will gain satisfaction from it.

7. Pay attention to the choice of color

When choosing a man’s sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of color.Dark colors, black, blue and red color are sexy colors and are suitable for sexy underwear.Of course, the choice of white and light colors also has its applicable occasions.The final choice will depend on your atmosphere and style choice.

8. Try different styles

Sex underwear has a variety of styles, so choosing the most suitable style may require multiple attempts.You can try different styles according to different needs, such as simple, complex, refreshing, sexy, funny.After you tried a few styles, you can find out the sexy underwear that suits men.

Ultimate point of view

Women’s choice of sexy underwear for men is indeed a challenging task.However, by understanding men’s physical characteristics, occasions and purposes, and the style and quality of choosing a suitable man, you can successfully choose the most suitable sexy underwear for men.The most important thing is that when choosing a gift, you still need to pay attention to the goodness of his Xikou and his body, and you need to try different styles to choose underwear for him.Finally, the recommendation and reputation of merchants are the most needed guidelines when we choose suitable sexy underwear.

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