With beads sexy underwear

With beads sexy underwear

Interest underwear is one of the props to enhance interest and sex.Bringing beads sexy underwear is a very popular underwear. Here it will introduce various styles, characteristics and preparations before use.

Beads sexy underwear style

There are many styles with beads sexy underwear, which are generally divided into the following categories:

1. Bra -type: Switching beads in the lower and side of the bra can improve the plump chest and maintain the sexy and beautiful of the bra.

2. Sling type: The beads pass through the shoulder strap, which can make the shoulder strap more beautiful and can also stimulate the breast.

3. Conjunction: Beads are sewn on the underwear or bra, which plays a role in improving physical sexuality and enhancing temperament.

4. Lace type: beads embedded in bras or underwear lined with lace, which can enhance the texture and observation of the underwear.

5. Bonders: Beads pass through various ropes for restraints to increase changes and sexual interests.

Features of beads sexy underwear

Betting beads, which has the effect of highlighting the cleavage and plump chest, can provide visual stimuli for men.In addition, it can also regulate the body shape, reduce stress, and promote blood circulation.When using, the friction and vibration of beads can stimulate women’s sensitive areas, thereby increasing sexual pleasure.

Preparation before use

1. Washing: Before use, you must carefully read the washing instructions. The correct washing method is selected according to the material of the clothes to avoid damaging the underwear and causing allergies.

2. Size selection: Excessive size or too small will affect the use effect, so you must choose the right size.

3. Put on method: Bringing beads sexy underwear is usually tighter. It is important to choose a way to wear it for you.

4. Safe environment: When using beads, you must ensure the safety environment when using beads, and avoid damage such as falling and slipping.

How to choose the right beads sexy underwear

1. Select styles and sizes according to your body to ensure that it is comfortable and effective after putting on.

2. Select the materials and color according to your preferences so that you can feel comfortable and sexy during use.

3. When buying, choose regular channels and brands to ensure that the product is true and effective.

How to wear and maintain with beads sexy underwear correctly

1. Be sure to pay attention to the correct method when wearing to avoid distorting, shifting, and leaving underwear.

2. Avoid contact with rough items to avoid damaging beads and fluffy.

3. Mainly washing when washing, avoid rubbing, tearing, and washing machines to avoid exposure.

Precautions for the use of beads sexy underwear

1. Bringing beads cannot be worn for a long time, otherwise it will affect your health.

2. With beads, the sexy underwear cannot be excessively used, which will not only reduce the effect of use, but also cause muscle fatigue.

3. Bringing beads cannot be shared. In order to prevent infection diseases and hygiene problems, it is recommended to use them separately.


As a sexual prop hosted with beads, it can stimulate the sexual pleasure and taste of both parties. However, you must pay attention to safety and hygiene before use, choose regular channels and brands, and follow the correct use and maintenance methods to play its role.