Witch’s erotic underwear decoration style

Definition of Witch’s Fun underwear

Witch’s sexy underwear is a sexy and supernatural sexy underwear.Using a strong black tone, cutting is simple, but the details are sophisticated.It is often paired with shining crystals and gems.

The decoration style of the witch’s sexy underwear

Witch’s sexy underwear mainly uses black, purple, gold and other colors, with mysterious and sexy atmosphere.In terms of decoration, leather, imitation leather and other materials are used to create a tough and cold atmosphere.Black web or dark red curtains can be hung on the wall to enhance the atmosphere.

Selection of bedding

The bedding is an important part of creating a fun underworld room.The bedding of the witch’s sexy underwent room is recommended to choose black or dark red high -quality bedding, such as silk, high -quality cotton, etc., to create a sense of elegance and luxury.In addition, it can be paired with fluffy pillows or cushions on the bedside to increase the softness of the room.

Application of light

Lighting is essential for improving the atmosphere of the witch’s sexy underworld room.You can choose the soft light of white or yellow, focus on the bedside to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. You can also use red or purple dark lights or chandeliers to better highlight the decoration style.

Selection of decorations on the wall

The decorations on the wall can be paired with a black pattern wallpaper or black wallpaper.Add some suspended decorations, such as gorgeous crystal lamps or raised magic wands to enrich the theme of the witch and create an atmosphere.

Carpet selection

The selection of carpets should be based on the color and theme of the Witch’s Instead of Inner Food Room.You can choose a luxurious black carpet, or purple or dark red to create a soft atmosphere of the room.In addition, a soft cushion or fluffy velvet can be placed on the carpet to express the tender style of women.

Witch’s sexy underworld storage space

In the Witch’s Instead of Inner Fair, storage space is essential.This can be decorated with storage cabinets or glass cabinets with crystal bottle or lens soul ball.In addition, the large black wardrobe placed in the corner of the room allows your clothes and accessories to be stored safely.

Placement of furniture

The placement of furniture needs to consider the decoration style of the witch’s sexy lingerie.It is recommended to choose a romantic and gorgeous bedside, with a small beautiful hair clip or black silk gloves to highlight the beauty of women.

Use of green plants

Adding a little green plants in the Witch’s Fun Inner Clothing Room can make the atmosphere softer and natural.Commonly used green plants such as mature cactus, fern plants, etc., when it is placed in the room, it shows a sense of harmony with the theme.

The smell overflowing in the room

Choose some low -key smells in the room of the Witch’s Fun underwear.For example, a candle with milky flavor or a soft pale perfume releases the bronze stream, which is conducive to relaxing the body and mind.


Witch’s sexy underwear decoration style advocates black, purple and gold themes. From the aspects of materials, lighting, wall decorations, carpets, furniture, etc., they need to consider how to create a strong sexy and mysterious sense.At the same time, green plants and low -key smells are indispensable.When creating a perfect witch’s sexy underwear decoration style, you need to pay attention to details and quality, so as to achieve a state of low -key and elegance.

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