Why is the sexy underwear is a triangle cup

Why is sexy underwear often a triangle cup?What are the advantages of the design of the triangle cup?Below we analyze this problem from the perspective of factors, forms, and support.

One or triangular cup factor

The triangular cup model is determined by three factors: bottom enclosure, cup depth, and cup height.The bottom of the triangular cup is smaller than the round cup, while the cup mouth is higher than the round cup.

why?This is because the triangular cup’s wear makes the chest more prominent, the shape is more beautiful and tailored.At the same time, with the deformation of triangular objects, the triangular cups will be more in line with the human curve when wearing.

2. The form of the triangle cup

The shape of the triangular cup makes the underwear easier to fit the breasts, especially on the side.In contrast, the round cup does not fix the breast directly along the side curve, but is fixed by rotation and relative motion.Moreover, the surface of the triangular cup spreads the breast and enhances the supporting role.

The support of the triangular cup

Long -term wearing a circular cup can cause excessive weight of the shoulder and even affect the cervical spine.But there is no such problem in the Triangle Cup.The triangle cup can allocate the pressure through more fork -bone support, and it is more clean, more in line with the aesthetics of young women.

Fourth, the main points of wear

Although there are many advantages of the triangle cup, there are some points to wear.First, there are differences before and after underwear.The triangular cup can not only highlight the breast, but also increase the visual effect, so you need to determine the front and back of the underwear.Second, ensure that the nipples are just in the center of the cup, which is also the key to making full use of the triangle cup.Third, the underwear design should support and expand the entire breast. This is the third aspect of the effective use of the triangular cup.

5. Female groups suitable for the Triangle Cup

Although there are many advantages of the triangle cup, not every woman is suitable for wearing.First of all, this cup is suitable for people who are flat or not too full.In addition, when the underwear of the triangle cup is not full of affection, there may be some ugly gaps, so you need to choose the right underwear style.

The material of the six or triangular cups

Different underwear materials have different effects on the fixing and support of the triangle cup.Nylon fabric fabrics have very good retractability, and it is also easy to clean and wear.Cotton fabrics are also very cool, and it is also very helpful for health and comfort.When choosing a cup, it is best to choose the soft and comfortable underwear.

7. The timing of buying the triangle cup

You must choose underwear according to personal needs, but also according to the size and form.When you are uncomfortable, red swelling, skin disease and back pain, you should replace new underwear.Usually the service life of a underwear is 3 to 6 months, and the size and material should be paid attention to when replacing.

8. Summary view

In short, the triangular cup is a very good choice in the design of the underwear.It not only has a unique form and support characteristics, but also has a lot of materials and styles to buy.However, when buying the triangle cup, you also need to choose styles and materials according to personal needs and sense of dressing.

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