Why is Guanyun the hometown of sexy underwear


Guanyun is a county -level city under the jurisdiction of Huaian City, Jiangsu Province. Although it is not a big city, it enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese sex underwear industry and has become the hometown of sexy underwear.

Historical reasons

Guanyun has a long history and is one of the historical and cultural cities in Jiangsu Province.Due to geographical location, convenience of transportation, and cultural heritage, Guanyun has become a prosperous commercial city.During the rise of the sex underwear industry, Guanyun entrepreneurs actively devoted themselves to the sex underwear industry to make it an important local industry.

Geographical factors

Guanyun is located in the central part of Jiangsu Province, with flat terrain and convenient transportation.Guanyun is the shortest route from Huai’an City to Nanjing City, and transportation in the city is also very convenient.Its geographical location is for the procurement of sexy underwear, the transportation of finished products, and the establishment of sales channels.

Talent resources

With the rise of the sexy underwear industry, a large number of professional talents have emerged locally. From designers, sales staff to production technicians, the industry chain is complete and professional talents.In addition, the local government also encourages the cultivation of talents in the sexy underwear industry, increases talent guidance, and pushes the industrial chain to deepen.

Industrial Chain advantage

Guanyun’s erotic underwear industry chain is very complete. From the purchase of raw materials to finished product sales, the industry chain is intertwined.In terms of finished products, local sex lingerie brands are influential in the domestic market and attracted the attention of many consumers.

Cultural Features

Traditional culture and red culture are deeply rooted in the hearts of the clouds.Local entrepreneurs combine local culture and sexy underwear to innovate and develop various types of sexy underwear, so as to continue to launch new products, making sexy underwear more touch and cultural heritage.

Advanced technology

With the development of technology, the sex underwear industry is constantly innovating.In the local area, entrepreneurs applied high -tech to the development of sexy underwear and launched a more technological sexy underwear, which allows people to have a new understanding and experience of sexy underwear.

governmental support

Guanyun’s government has played a very important role in the development of the sex underwear industry. The support of policies and resources helps to push the development and growth of local sexy underwear companies.The government has also provided many related activities such as exhibitions, promotion to make the ecology of the sex underwear industry improve.


In the development process of the sexy underwear industry, Guanyun has achieved a lot of results, local companies have won various awards and honors, and they have continued to innovate first, setting a good example for the Chinese sex underwear industry.


In general, the reason why Guanyun has become the hometown of sexy underwear stems from various factors such as geographical location, talent accumulation, government support, industrial chain advantages, and cultural characteristics.In the future, Guanyun will gradually strengthen the sexy underwear industry and make greater contributions to the development of China’s sexy underwear industry.

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