Why do my boyfriend want me to wear sexy underwear

Why do my boyfriend want me to wear sexy underwear

With the progress of the times, sexy underwear has become a fashion brand pursued by more and more women.The emotional design and changing style have made many men in the world unable to resist sex underwear.However, many women do not understand the true meaning of wearing sexy underwear. Why do men always advocate women to wear sexy underwear?Below, I will explain it in detail.

Paragraph 1: Stimulate male visual pleasure

Men are visual animals. The sexy style of sexy underwear can often easily attract men’s attention, which stimulates their visual pleasure.Whether it is sexy bra, high -waist underwear, or different styles of suspenders, etc., women in sexy underwear can make men feel excited, and then strongly attract their attention.

Paragraph 2: Strong psychological stimulus

When men see sexy women wearing sexy underwear, the cerebral cortex can produce human male hormone secretion, allowing them to produce strong physical and mental feelings. Psychological stimulus often brings some extent improvement to men who maintain physiological health.

Paragraph 3: Enhance confidence and self -esteem

Wearing sexy underwear can make women feel confident and strong self -esteem.Women wearing a sexy underwear will reach a state of self -affirmation, which helps them better feel their charm and sexy.

Paragraph 4: Enhance the emotional communication between husband and wife

Wearing sexy underwear can also become emotional connections and good communication between husband and wife.When women wear sexy sexy underwear, they will feel their charm and self -confidence, thereby promoting the feelings between partners.

Paragraph 5: Enhance the sensual and romantic atmosphere

Interest underwear usually uses soft and close -fitting materials, so that women can feel soft and comfortable touch when wearing.In a warm and gentle environment, sexy underwear usually has a certain blessing effect, making people feel love and romance.

Paragraph 6: Promote physical health

When wearing sexy underwear, women pay more attention to their own figure and health, which can also become a way to promote health.Better self -management and paying attention to physical health can also bring more health benefits to women.

Paragraph 7: Enhance psychological and emotional stability

Wearing sexy underwear can also be a means to alleviate psychological pressure and enhance psychological and emotional stability.Women can be more confident and healthy when wearing sexy underwear, thereby enhancing their psychological resistance.

Paragraph 8: Shape the perfect curve

Many men yearn for women’s wonderful curves and wear sexy underwear, which can usually help women shape a more perfect body curve, which is often loved by men.


Wearing sexy underwear has many benefits to women’s personality, health and husband and wife relationship.When women can be more relaxed and confidently wearing sexy underwear, men can better feel their eyes.However, sexy underwear should also be used on appropriate occasions and should not be abused.

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