Why can’t sex underwear be put on the shelves

Definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It is designed to increase the taste and stimulus of sexual life.It is different from general underwear, but has many special styles and designs to make it more tempting and sexy. There are also many special materials and accessories that make the wearer more attractive.

Sex underwear market potential

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the opening of the social environment, the demand for sexy underwear has gradually increased.Especially in couples, wearing sexy underwear can inspire different sexual experiences and become an important part of various sex toys.Therefore, the sexy underwear market has huge potential, but why can’t many erotic underwear be put on the shelves?

The platform’s restriction on sexy underwear

Some e -commerce platforms have strict restrictions on sexy underwear, which is the most important reason that causes sex underwear to be unable to put on shelves.Specifically, some platforms prohibit the sale of naked and over -exposed sexy underwear to avoid violations of relevant regulations.There are also some platforms set up a spot check mechanism. If the sexy underwear products do not meet the platform regulations, even if they are on the shelves, they will be forced to get off the shelves.

product quality problem

For sexy underwear in the market, some products may have quality problems, such as poor quality of the product, which can easily cause skin allergies.To this end, the state has also issued relevant quality inspection standards for sex underwear.If the producer of the sex underwear did not pass the test, it was unable to sell it, so it could not be put on the shelves.

The copyright issue of sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear design is too unique, and these designs may have copyright issues.If the manufacturer of sex underwear has not been authorized, it is impossible to list these products on the e -commerce platform.

Information review issue

In order to protect the interests of buyers, the e -commerce platform will review the information of the goods.The information review of erotic underwear is relatively strict because these products include some sensitive content.If the information of the product on the shelves is not in line with the regulations, it will be deleted.

Business qualification restriction

In China, sales of sex products need to be approved by relevant qualifications.Some sexy underwear manufacturers may not be approved, so they cannot be sold.And these sexy underwear cannot be put on the shelves for granted.

Logistics and delivery issues

Interest underwear is a sensitive product, and there are higher requirements for logistics and distribution.Some express companies may not be willing to bear the risks of sexy underwear logistics, which will also lead to lack of sexy underwear on the platform.

Risk control of e -commerce platform

The risk control of the e -commerce platform is a very important part. They need to restrict certain sensitive products on the shelves to avoid some potential security risks.Therefore, it is also necessary to be restricted by the sexy underwear to ensure the safety of merchants and consumers.

Merchant itself

Sometimes sexy underwear cannot be put on the shelves, or it may be due to the problem of the merchant itself.For example, merchants failed to comply with the platform’s requirements, set up false propaganda words, etc. These can easily lead to the dismissal of sexy underwear.

The market prospects of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear cannot be launched on various e -commerce platforms, the sex underwear market still has huge potential.Especially with young people’s attention to sex culture, the market prospects of sexy underwear are even more optimistic.

In summary, there are many reasons why the sexy underwear cannot be put on the shelves.As consumers, we need to choose regular merchants and platforms to avoid buying low quality or illegal products.For manufacturers and sellers of sexy underwear, they also need to actively apply for relevant qualifications and comply with platform regulations to make full use of the potential of the sexy underwear market.

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