Who should buy sexy underwear between husband and wife

Is it appropriate to buy sexy underwear to buy each other?

The emergence of sexy underwear has given some couples more fun in sex life.When choosing a sexy underwear, there is a view that both husband and wife can participate in the purchase process of underwear together, but some people think that only one party is more suitable to buy.Let’s talk about your own views on this topic.

The importance of sexy underwear for sex life

The existence of sexy underwear can increase the taste and fun in the sex life of husband and wife.Some newly -married couples will be a little shy and uneasy because of their not much sexual experience. The styles and styles of underwear can help couples better express their needs and desires, experience sex with pleasure, and increase the relationship between husband and wife feelings.

Couple to buy sexy lingerie together

When the husband and wife buy sexy underwear, both men and women can "try out, select, evaluate" in the store, watch each other’s underwear that each other, and enjoy the fun of buying and enhance each other’s feelings.When buying underwear, you can better understand each other’s needs and tastes, and to be more clear about your preferences and sexual orientation.

Only one party buys sexy underwear

Some couples choose to buy sexy underwear alone.The point of view is that only one party can buy the effect of reserving surprises. One person considers what kind of sexy underwear to buy, and one party will have curiosity when experiencing, adding a sense of irritation, mystery, and unique charm of sexual life.

What should the tacit understanding between husband and wife?

As a couple, they respect each other with each other, and harmonious cooperation is essential for a fun life.If the purchase of sexy underwear is only completed by one party, you need to prepare underwear within the agreed time, and you can only disclose it to the other side in advance to ensure the enthusiasm and expectations of the other party.If both buy underwear, consider the value of each other, so that both parties can experience the feeling they like.

Should men buy ladies underwear?

As a man, whether to buy a woman’s sexy underwear may be a challenge for many men.But there are many gifts, surprises and love expression behind this.To go to the sexy underwear shop together, it will increase the sexy feeling for women. A close -fitting underwear is even more wonderful to be paid by men.This approach will make women feel respected and concerned by men, so that both men and women can better communicate and interact in sexual blessing life.

What should women pay attention to when buying sexy underwear?

If a lady wants to buy sexy underwear, then pay attention to the style, color, size and material of the underwear.The appropriate size is very critical. If the size is not appropriate, it will affect sexy and comfort, and then cause a bad impact on sexual life.In addition, you need to pay attention to the style and quality of the underwear to ensure that your touch is comfortable and reliable.

What should men pay attention to when buying sexy underwear?

The matters that men must consider when buying sexy underwear include two aspects: the taste of the woman and the male’s preference.In order to ensure that the sexy underwear purchased has enough satisfaction, it is recommended that men need a clear understanding of the woman’s hobbies.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the size of the size. Only when you buy a women’s clothing and ignore your own body shape, it will lead to bad consequences.

Husbands and wives need to cooperate with sexual underwear to buy sexy underwear

In the process of buying sexy underwear, using the method of division of labor cooperation, everyone performs their duties, and can also take into account the needs of both parties.One party can choose styles and colors, and the other side chooses materials, sizes and other issues.This ensures that the connection between the two gets a better emotional experience.

in conclusion

When you buy sexy underwear between husband and wife, you can choose to participate or arrange only one party to buy.In any way, it is important to maintain mutual respect, consideration and communication, and ensure that the sexy underwear purchased can bring more fun and emotional experience to the two.

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