Which platforms can I sell for sex underwear

Which platforms can I sell for sex underwear

As an important part of sex culture, sexy underwear has gradually been welcomed by consumers in the domestic market in recent years.However, due to traditional concepts and network supervision, there are still many restrictions on the sales of sexy underwear.So, which platforms can I sell sexy underwear?Let’s answer them one by one.

1. Professional erotic lingerie e -commerce platform

Professional sexy lingerie e -commerce platforms, such as love nests, wanting to be rich, are the first choice for merchants to sell sexy underwear.These platforms will perform professional operations such as classification, sorting, and quality control to improve consumer shopping experience.In addition, consumers are more secure and reliable to buy sexy underwear on these platforms.

2. Taobao, JD.com and other comprehensive e -commerce platforms

Comprehensive e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com also have a certain space in selling sexy underwear, but it is necessary to remind sellers that Taobao and other platforms such as Taobao have strict supervision of sexy underwear, and they need to pay special attention to the description of the product and the shooting of photos.

3. Social platforms such as WeChat public account and applet

With the rise of social e -commerce, social platforms such as WeChat public account and applet have also become a major channel for sex underwear sales.Merchants can set up special sexy underwear stores on their own public accounts, applets and other platforms to sell on the platform.

4. Your own website

Building a sexy underwear website is also a good sales channel.Through your own website, you can better maintain your brand image and sales channels, but you need to consider more issues.

5. Local e -commerce platform

Some local e -commerce platforms, such as local e -commerce comprehensive platforms and group shopping sites, can also become a channel for sellers to sell sexy underwear.This type of e -commerce platform has no relevant regulatory policies for the time being, but also requires corresponding review and specifications.

6. Vertical communities such as forum, group chat

Vertical communities such as forums and group chats are important places for exchanges and information in various industries, and it can also become one of the channels for selling sexy underwear.Merchants can participate in discussions and promote their products by joining some related communities.

7. Overseas purchasing platform

The sales of sexy underwear in the domestic market are limited, and some businesses may choose overseas purchasing platforms for sales.However, it should be noted that the regulatory policies of different countries are different, and merchants need to do a good job of investigating and understanding in advance.

8. Cloud Market

Some service providers provide a sales platform for the sexy underwear cloud market. In this safe and stable platform, through the traditional hard sales conditions of Dashan, various sex brand merchants can easily open the store, and 10 % are regular and expensive.

9. Offline physical stores

In addition to e -commerce channels, physical stores can also become important channels for selling sexy underwear.Opening a sexy underwear shop in a densely dense place in urban centers, commercial neighborhoods, etc., can better attract consumers’ attention.

10. Other platforms

In addition to the above platforms, there are many other platforms that can become a channel for sex underwear sales.For example, Duoduo, Mushroom Street and other e -commerce platforms, or some offline adults shops, etc.


In general, when choosing a fun underwear sales channel, different measures should be taken according to different situations.If you are a business with a fixed customer group, you can open your own website or sell it directly on social platforms such as WeChat public account and applet; if you are a novice for the first entry, you can choose some professional sex lingerie e -commerce platforms.No matter which sales channel is to choose, you need to pay attention to relevant laws and regulations and product quality issues, and constantly improve your sales skills and service quality in order to occupy a place in the market.

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