Which movies wearing sexy underwear


The history of sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient times, but in the movie, we can see its popular trend.Sex underwear has become a common clothing choice in film characters, and sometimes it can be used as a character and emotional expression of the character.

Interesting underwear in "American Heart Rose"

The film tells the investigation process of a prostitute’s biography writer on a legendary prostitute, and the clothing design shows character and emotion through the sex lingerie wearing each character.

Interesting underwear in "50 Times Love"

In order to completely stimulate his memory, the protagonist’s girlfriend put on sexy underwear and spent an unforgettable romantic weekend.

Interesting underwear in "Beautiful Life"

In this movie, in order to keep his wife optimistic and encouraged, the protagonist purchased exquisite sexy underwear as a small gift at night to ensure that their love would not disappear because of the war.

Interesting underwear in "Absolute Power"

In this movie, the heroine wore a sexy underwear to confuse the protagonist and hinted that their sexual attractiveness had a deeper understanding.

The fun underwear in "Female Demon Wear Plada"

In this movie, everything that the protagonist wants to do is to satisfy her boss, and wearing exquisite sexy underwear has become her way of venting her identity and seeking strength and control.

Interesting underwear in Wall Street

In this movie, his girlfriend put on sexy underwear, reminding the protagonist’s experience of being raped, but she eventually broke the nightmare and proved that she was a tough woman.

Interesting underwear in Marilyn Monroe

In this movie, in order to increase his sexy and charm, Monroe put on various sexy underwear and became one of the most popular idols in the world.

Interesting underwear in "Master Sex"

In this movie, the dramatic sexy underwear is the way I show her sexual skills and revelation in my Satera McCartney.

Interesting underwear in Batavia Plaza

In this movie, the heroine wearing a sexy underwear provides an unexpected and crazy sex experience for the actor, and also reminds us that we should not ignore women’s sexual desire and desire.

Interest underwear in "One Night Carnival"

In this movie, sexy underwear plays an important role in the entire story, providing a confident and sexy psychological support for the character.

in conclusion

The wide use of sexy underwear can play many role in movies, such as emphasizing the character’s personality and emotion, increasing sexy and charm, or showing the character’s attitude towards sex.Their popularity also reflects our pursuit of sexual freedom and exploration.

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