What to do if you don’t need to take a sexy underwear

Challenge in sexy underwear

Interest underwear has always been eye -catching clothing. Whether it is to make sex more passionate or show sexy charm, sexy underwear is an indispensable option.But many people may find a problem: what should I do if we don’t want to take off them when wearing sexy underwear?

1. Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is not only because of their beautiful appearance, but also brings better comfort and convenience.Therefore, in order to maintain the sexy and convenience of sexy underwear, you need to choose a simple style, easy to wear and move sexy underwear.

2. Funding underwear with supporting power is the key

For women, wearing sexy underwear must have good support to ensure the firmness and beauty of the body.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear with sufficient support can better solve the problem that you don’t want to remove underwear.

3. Correct dressing helps to keep dress comfortable

When wearing sexy underwear, you should try to choose the appropriate dressing length. Do not choose too short or too long styles to maintain comfort and convenience.Low -back style and shoulder -free style can be a good choice to maintain comfort.

4. The correct size is the key to comfortable

Wearing the correct size is the key to maintaining comfort.Excessive or small size will bring unnecessary discomfort, especially in sexy underwear.Therefore, it is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your size.

5. Cotton fabric will bring a comfortable experience

Selecting the sexy underwear of cotton fabric can not only increase comfort, but also make the permeability of the underwear better.At the same time, cotton fabrics can also reduce the risk of allergies and make the skin more free.

6. Reasonable matching can create a unique personal image

When wearing a sexy underwear, a reasonable match is an effective way to create a personalized image.By matching different colors and styles of sexy underwear, color, personality, creativity and charm can be increased.

7. Fairy underwear is very attractive

Choosing a liquid -style sexy underwear can increase the confidence and charm when wearing underwear.The flowing style of sexy underwear can well show the beautiful lines and outlines of the body.

8. Cross the body underwear to increase self -confidence

Crossing the body underwear helps to shape the body, showing a slim beauty and self -confidence.Bid -body underwear can also eliminate your discomfort in sexy underwear, making it more natural to wear sexy underwear.


When wearing sexy underwear, they do not need to change your comfort and convenience.Choose the right style and size, and use the appropriate cloth and matching method, allowing you to be more comfortable, confident and beautiful when wearing sexy underwear.

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