What to do if my husband sells sexy underwear

What to do if my husband sells sexy underwear

Background introduction

In recent years, with the increase in market demand for erotic underwear, many people have begun to get involved in this field, and there are also many men.If your husband is also one of them, you may be confused, embarrassed or awkward, what should you do?

Understand his thoughts

First of all, you should know why your husband sells sexy underwear.Is it because of this business opportunity, or is he simply interested in sexy underwear?If it is the former, you can discuss his business plan with him. If it is the latter, then you can express your discomfort to him while supporting.


Regardless of his thoughts, communication is always the most important.You need to express your thoughts clearly and listen to his opinions.Regardless of the ending, we must maintain our sense and respect as much as possible.

Accept the truth

If your husband insists on selling interesting underwear, then you need to accept this reality.You can try to understand this industry, so as to better understand his work content and intentions.

maintain balance

While supporting your husband, you also need to maintain yourself.Don’t give up your hobbies and work, maintain self -growth and find your own fun in your life.

Participate in cooperation

If you have time and interest, you can participate in your husband’s work.Help him develop new products or implement marketing plans, or promote his products.This can not only enrich themselves, but also help strengthen the interaction and trust between husband and wife.

Solving embarrassment

For some people, talking about sexy underwear or selling sexy underwear may be embarrassed.Then you and your husband can discuss it to see if you can take some measures to alleviate this embarrassment, such as using different terms or transfer topics.

Conservative secret

Many people think that selling interesting underwear is a shame, so you need to help your husband keep secret.Of course, you also need to tell some trustworthy friends or relatives at the right time, which does not mean that you have any secrets.

Support husband

Finally, no matter what your husband sells sexy underwear for what reason, you need to support him.This helps to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also has a positive impact on his career.


In summary, when your husband sells sexy underwear, you can deal with this problem by understanding his thoughts, maintaining communication, and active support.The ultimate goal is to achieve each other’s understanding and support, and it is also to maintain a stable and harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

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