What should I do if I can’t wear my neck sexy underwear

1. Check the size carefully

The neck sex lingerie is a sexy underwear that many women love now, but because of this underwear with a neck belt, it can cause neck discomfort.If you find that you can’t put it on when you are wearing, the first step is to carefully check whether the underwear size is suitable for you.

Generally speaking, the size of the neck sex underwear is smaller than the conventional underwear.Therefore, if you do n’t pay attention when you buy, you may not be able to wear it if you choose a relatively large size.At this time, it is recommended to buy one again according to your actual size.

2. Adjust the position of the neck

If the size of the size is appropriate, but still cannot be put on, then the position of the neck strap needs to be adjusted.The neck band may be pulled too long or too short, and you need to adjust appropriately according to your neck circumference.

First of all, wrap the underwear from behind and raise the neck.If the position of the neck is too high, it will cause discomfort, you need to lower it.If the position of the neck is too low, it will affect the overall effect of the underwear and need to be raised appropriately.

3. Let others help put on

The design of the sexy lingerie of the neck is relatively complicated, and some small problems will inevitably occur when we are wearing.If you can’t handle it yourself, you can help the friends or family around you.

When wearing, put the main part of the underwear first, and then give the neck part to others to help adjust.This can avoid discomfort caused by your own intervention, and better adjust the position of the neck strap to ensure the overall effect of the underwear.

4. Use lubricant

When wearing neck -in -necked underwear, some people may feel tight neck and cause discomfort.At this time, some lubricants can be used to help the neck strap fits the skin more smoothly.

Do not use the lubricant too much, generally only need to be applied to the neck strap part.The lubricant not only helps to better wear a tough -in -necked sexy underwear, but also provides certain protection for the skin.

5. Change the way of wear

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, you need to consider changing the way of dressing.The neck band design of the neck sex underwear is very personal, and you need to choose a style suitable for your neck shape.

If your neck shape is thick, you can choose a wide neck strap.If your neck is relatively slender, you need to choose a narrower neck strap to ensure that the neck -in -neck -in -neck underwear can better fit the neck, which will not affect the beauty and ensure comfort.

6. Try a style with better comfort

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, you can choose some styles with better comfort.At present, there are many types of necks on the market. In addition to different styles, the materials and processing are different.

You can choose some fabrics with soft and comfortable texture, so that you can meet the requirements of sexy and aesthetics, but also to ensure comfort.

7. Follow physical changes

Change of physical changes is very important for underwear to wear.If you have some changes in your body, such as weight loss or weight gain, you need to re -measure the size to ensure that underwear can be worn properly.

At the same time, age and seasons will also affect the body’s changes. Therefore, when choosing a tape -neck of underwear, you must consider these factors and buy the style of your own underwear.

8. Understand brand and manufacturers

The credibility and reputation of brands and manufacturers are very important.Choosing some well -known brands or a good -looking neck sex underwear produced by manufacturers with good reputation can ensure the quality of underwear and make yourself more comfortable and comfortable.

When choosing a brand, you can refer to the evaluation or professional evaluation of some consumers, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the brand or the product, and make decisions.

9. Follow the details

The details of the sexy lingerie of the neck are very important.If the quality is not clear or the design is unreasonable, it may cause discomfort or affect beauty.Therefore, when choosing, you must pay attention to the details.

You can carefully check the details of the lingerie, seams, patterns and colors such as the lingerie, to ensure that the workmanship and quality of the underwear are qualified.

10. Replace regularly

Underwear also needs to be replaced regularly.After a long period of wear and washing, the elasticity and sense of wear of the underwear will decrease.Therefore, it is recommended to change a new underwear every other time.

In addition, underwear also needs to be cleaned and disinfected to maintain hygiene and health.


The neck sex lingerie is a sexy and personalized underwear. You need to pay attention to some details.In the case of unable to wear, you can try the above methods for processing to ensure the comfort and beauty of the underwear.At the same time, paying attention to the brand and details, and changing underwear regularly, is also an important factor in ensuring the quality and comfort of underwear.

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