What sexy underwear is good for slightly fat women

What sexy underwear is good for slightly fat women

The chest cover the specific

For fat women, problems on their chests often trouble them.Therefore, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that can hide the specific sexy underwear on the chest.It is recommended to choose the simpler underwear, but you can choose some exquisite lace or lace decoration to modify the hem and shoulder straps, so that the design of the underwear highlights the overall beauty.


Fat -fat women have large breasts, especially drooping breasts, which will affect the sense of proportion.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear that can be concentrated is a good choice.The main function of this underwear is to improve the chest upward, and concentrate the fat under the armpit, so that the micro -fat woman looks more slender in appearance.

Soft fabric

It is very important to choose soft and comfortable fabrics.Because wearing sexy lingerie can irritate the skin, and due to the characteristics of the figure, the flesh of the slightly fat women is easily squeezed, so choosing soft fabrics can be more intimate and breathable, reducing discomfort.

Appropriate size and style

Micro -fat women need to choose a size and style that suits them.The choice of size should be based on personal body size. Do not pursue the size of the small number.In terms of style, because everyone’s physical condition is different, some styles may not be suitable for personal figures, so you need to try a few different styles to find a choice that suits you.

Avoid too tight design

Although the tight sexy underwear design can make the figure look slender, for slightly fat women, wearing too tight underwear will make the flesh on the body highlight, but it is not conducive to the beauty of the body.Therefore, choosing a moderate loose style can better create a comfortable and natural dressing effect.

Color and pattern

Cosmetic and texture are a aspect that cannot be ignored when choosing sexy underwear.Compared to the bright colors, dark colors and pattern styles can better cover up the body flaws of slightly fat women.However, it should be noted that the color and lines are too cumbersome or too complicated to reduce the overall beauty.

Neck decoration

The modification of the neck is one of the important issues to consider when wearing a little fat woman.If you choose to modify the sexy underwear design of the neck, such as choosing a high -necked design, you can well modify the protruding double chin and modify the neck lines more beautiful.

Select underwear with good support functions

Choosing a good -supported sexy underwear can better cover up the figure defects of slightly fat women, but it should be noted that the impact of orthopedic underwear on the body needs to be considered comfort and breathing feelings.Therefore, it is a better choice to choose a supporting function and to achieve breathing and freedom.

Choose a divorced underwear

Especially the older fat women, the breasts are easy to sag, so it is necessary to choose a separate deed underwear with a clear separation of the chest.Except for the separate underwear can effectively separate the flesh of the chest and underarms, avoid sagging breasts on the appearance, and highlight the better temperament and body curve.

Create beautiful hip lines

The beautiful hip lines are what every woman wants to have.Micro -fat women, especially, need to choose suitable sexy underwear to achieve the beautiful curve of the hips.It is recommended to choose high -waisted underwear, which can make the hips look more prominent visually, or choose sexy underwear with hip lifting function.


Combining your own figure, choosing the appropriate sexy underwear design is an indispensable part of a small fat woman to create a good curve and body beauty.When choosing, pay attention to the style, color, fabric, tightness, function, and comfort, and comprehensively consider it to make yourself wear good results.

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