What procedures do I need to open a sexy underwear on Taobao?

The preliminary preparation for opening Taobao sex lingerie shop

To open a sexy underwear store on Taobao, a series of preliminary preparations are required, including the application for opening the store opening, the record of the industrial and commercial business license, the opening of the bank account, and so on.

Application for opening a store

Before opening a store in Taobao, you need to apply for a store opening qualification, such as resident ID cards, mobile phone numbers, Alipay accounts, etc.At the same time, prepare relevant information such as store names, business scope, contact information and other related information in advance.

Filtering industrial and commercial business license

Before opening a Taobao sex underwear store, you also need to go to the local industrial and commercial administrative department to record the business license.After the filing is successful, go to the Taobao platform to upload the filing information, and the store can be officially opened after approval.

Open bank account

In order to ensure store income and transaction security, special bank accounts are required, and the account is bound to Taobao stores for funds for receipt and payment.

Learn about Taobao rules

Before opening a Taobao sex underwear store, you need to understand the relevant rules of Taobao in depth, such as related product release, after -sales service, logistics distribution and other regulations.Only by complying with regulations can unnecessary disputes and losses be avoided.

Optimize store page and description

In order to attract more consumers, the page design and product description of Taobao sex lingerie stores are essential.Shop page masks should be attractive and beautiful. At the same time, product details and descriptions should be true and accurate, and they can understand clearly to greatly increase the conversion rate of goods.

Planning brand marketing

In Taobao’s sex underwear industry, brand marketing is extremely important, so it can form a corresponding marketing strategy for the brand’s situation.For example, use some popular platforms to promote, or organize some activities to enhance consumers’ awareness of brand and products.

Looking for high -quality channels

As a seller of Taobao sex underwear, you should actively find various high -quality channels, such as targeted post bar, forum, Weibo and other social media, as well as the way of cooperating with other sellerThe order is placed.

Continuously improve service quality

It is more and more difficult to open a store in Taobao. In the case of fierce competition, it is particularly important to improve the quality of service, which can be directly related to the survival of the store.Pay attention to after -sales service, logistics distribution and other links, and regularly evaluate and improve the store.Increasing the quality of service can make consumers more trust and satisfaction, and then increase the sales of stores.


To open a sexy underwear store on Taobao, you need to prepare for multiple aspects, and you also need to pay attention to a series of operating points.Only by strictly abide by the rules of the platform and continuously update and optimize can we improve the popularity and sales of the store, and achieve the return goal smoothly.

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