What is the name of Taobao’s sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has gone out of the niche market, becoming more and more popular, and Taobao’s words of sexy underwear have also emerged.However, buying sexy underwear is not easy, especially for those who try the first time.In this article, we will introduce the names of Taobao’s sexy underwear and how to choose the sexy underwear that is most suitable for ourselves.

2. Hot brand

On Taobao, there are many brands endorsement of sexy underwear, including BACI, JGK and so on.These brands usually focus on design and quality, and their prices are relatively high.

3. Sexy style

Sexy -style endorsements and sexy underwear are very popular on Taobao because they can bring unique self -confidence and charm to women.This style usually includes design elements such as suspenders, hollow, tulle, lace.

4. Elegant style

If you are pursuing a more elegant feeling, then you may choose the elegant style in the sexy underwear.These styles are usually not so exposed, but they focus on details. Their design is exquisite and has a unique charm.

5. Suitable for beginners

For those who buy sexy underwear for the first time, it is important to choose a style suitable for beginners.They are usually more conservative, and they will not make people feel too exposed or cramped, while not sexy.This allows people to gradually adapt to the feeling of sexy underwear, and then gradually turn to more exposed or sexy styles.

6. Best material

Choosing the right material is very important for the choice of sexy underwear.The materials used in sex underwear include lace, silk, velvet, PU leather, etc.If you want to enjoy sexy while you don’t want to be too distressed to maintain trouble, you may wish to choose a natural cotton sexy underwear. They are convenient to breathe, and they are relatively easy to maintain.

7. Precautions before buying

Before buying sexy underwear, there are several issues that need to be considered.The first is the size problem, which is very important to understand your size.Followed by color and style, you should choose the color and style that suits you, and determine it according to your skin.Finally, it is comfortable, try to choose those good -looking and comfortable sexy underwear.

8. Selected style recommendation

In many sexy underwear, some styles are more popular.For example: lace hollow, chest lace, red perspective, back long skirt, etc.

9. Choose the right occasion

The situation of sexy underwear is also very important.For example, when you are at home, you may choose a soft and breathable sexy underwear; if you want to participate in an important party, you can choose a more sexy and gorgeous sexy underwear.But no matter what occasions, people should buy a suitable sexy underwear for themselves.

10. Viewpoint

Taobao’s sexy underwear has become part of women’s culture.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only increase self -confidence and charm, but also enhance the feelings between husband and wife, because sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear. It requires wearers and viewers to enjoy the pleasure.

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