What kind of sexy underwear should I choose

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For many women, having a plump and beautiful chest is one of their pursuit.However, some women are born with small breasts, so they need to choose the right sexy underwear to shape their bodies.In this article, we will explore how to choose a sexy underwear for women with small breasts.

1. Choose the right cup

It is very important to choose a cup that suits you, because too large or too small cups will have adverse effects on the chest.If you choose a large cup, the bra will make your chest appear unnatural, because the pads and filling will cause the shape of the chest to deform.On the other hand, if you choose a small cup, it will make your chest protruding out and look very uncomfortable.

2. Select the right style

For women with small breasts, choosing the favorite underwear style is particularly important.We recommend choosing sexy underwear with some filling pads or other enhanced characteristics.These sexy underwear is sometimes called "fill underwear", which can add some curvature to the body curve.In addition, choosing proper colors and patterns can better set off the beauty of the chest.

3. Don’t choose too tight sexy underwear

For women who try to make up for the size of the chest, the most common error is to choose a sexy underwear that is too tight.Doing this will cause unnatural folds around the chest and affect the appearance of the body.

4. Choose the right shoulder strap

For shoulder straps, women with small chests should choose wide shoulder straps.The wide shoulder strap can make the entire upper body look more well -proportioned, so that the skin around the chest will not have obvious indentation and more comfortable.

5. Appreciate the refreshing steel -free underwear

For women with small breasts, choosing sexy underwear without steel may be a better choice.Traditional steel circle sexy underwear can squeeze the chest in the middle, and even a little uncomfortable.In contrast, no steel circle of sexy underwear can support the chest more comfortably and naturally to shape the body lines.

6. Choose good elastic fabrics

For women with small breasts, we recommend choosing sexy underwear made of good elastic fabrics.This kind of sexy underwear can more adapt to the body curve, which increases the overall comfort.

7. It is worth spending high -priced orthopedic underwear

For some women who need to pay special attention to their figure, we recommend choosing high -priced orthopedic sexy underwear.These erotic underwear can be tailored according to the characteristics of the body to shape your figure curve, even if you don’t have a plump chest, don’t worry.

8. Deep V N -neck add a sense of mystery

If you are trying to enhance the visual effect of the chest, the love underwear of deep V -neck is a good choice.Deep V -neck can increase the visual effect without using the usual filling or enhanced pockets, making the chest look more plump and sexy.

in conclusion

Finally, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For women with small breasts, choosing the right sexy underwear can shape their own figure.Hope this article will help you.

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