What is the psychology of boys to buy sexy underwear

Why do boys buy sexy underwear

In the past few years, sexy underwear is no longer just a choice for women to increase self -confidence and sexual attractiveness. More and more men have also begun to use sexy underwear to enhance confidence and personal charm.But what are the psychological reasons behind men who buy sexy underwear?

Enhance self-confidence

Men usually enhance self -confidence with the help of sexy underwear.It is believed that wearing sexy underwear can improve a person’s self -confidence and self -awareness, and it is easier to naturally show your sexy characteristics.This feeling can support men more confident and charming in more important life activities.

Try freshness

Men try to get rid of the convention, not only in life and work, but also in sex.The appearance and style of sexy underwear are different from the underwear wearing daily. Common styles include adult utensils, rabbit girls, police uniforms, nurses, etc. These styles and accessories can make people taste fresh, irritating and changing pleasure.

Expression of emotion

Men’s sexy underwear is a way to express their emotions. Men are more willing to express their love to their favorite people through sex underwear.By wearing a sexy underwear, express your love for your partner, as well as huge and unique feelings and sexy attractions.

Sense of control

Some men believe that wearing sexy underwear can enhance the sense of control and dominance.In private places, wearing sexy underwear allows men to obtain dominance and control, which is easier to control the whole process of sex.This is also one of the reasons why sexy underwear is widely popular among groups such as BDSM.


Realizing novel sex experience through sexy underwear is another reason why men buy sexy underwear.Putting on sexy underwear can make men feel more exciting and full of vitality, which is easier to excite and reach a climax state.This feeling can provide a unique experience and bring more stimuli and satisfaction.

Sexual fantasy

Many men’s interest in sexual fantasy and creativity have led to the appearance of sexy underwear in the market.People with different types of fantasies such as love and role -playing have been restrained on sexy underwear.Men can match their sexual fantasies with the color and style of the kaleidoscope, so that they are in a perfect sexual pleasure.

Improve the quality of sexual life

Putting on sexy underwear can add fun, increase enthusiasm and happiness, which has a great impact on improving the quality of sexual life.Wearing sexy underwear can change a person’s sexual posture and sexuality, increase the fun and joy of sex, thereby improving the quality of sexual life of both parties.

Pressure relief

Stress is one of the modern social problems that most people face, and sexy underwear can relieve stress and fatigue.It can be comfortable to wear sexy underwear, relax and reduce stress.For men with long -term stressful stress, wearing erotic underwear can be a way to relax and decompress.

Sexual orientation

In fact, sexy underwear provides a channel for anyone with sexual orientation to express themselves.Various styles and accessories can express their sexual orientation in different ways. Men can freely choose the specific personality of their favorite underwear with their inner desire.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for men to buy sexy underwear. It may be to enhance self -confidence, try freshness, express emotions, enhance their sense of control, gain a sense of stimuli, or to promote emotional and physical development.Although there are many reasons, people will pursue their best side.Therefore, whether it is male or female, the reason for buying sexy underwear is very personal, which may be caused by a mixture of confidence, personality, sexual desire and other factors.

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