What is the name of sexy underwear models

What is the name of sexy underwear models?

The sales of sexy underwear are inseparable from model display, and these models also have different titles in the industry.

Models of domestic sexy underwear

Models of domestic sex lingerie are called "underwear models", and they are professional models that show sex underwear as their main jobs.These models not only need to have outstanding appearance conditions, but also have certain interpretation capabilities to make the wearing effect of sexy underwear more in line with the needs of consumers.

Models of imported erotic underwear

The models of imported erotic underwear are called "sex models". They are professional sex commodity models. They generally have higher professional literacy and specific performance skills.Interest models need to deeply get the use of sexual products and the cultural concept of erotic products, and present it to the audience.

Sexy underwear model recruitment requirements

Whether it is underwear model or a sex model, you need to have several basic conditions:

Personal proportion coordination

Outstanding temperament

Outstanding performance ability

In addition, sexy underwear models also need to have certain etiquette common sense and communication skills to better communicate and communicate with consumers.

Sex underwear model training

In order to better display sexy underwear and sex products, both underwear models and sex models need to receive systemic training.The content of the training mainly includes:

Basic posture and expression

Clothing display and matching

Dance and show show

Spring Supply Performance Performance

The purpose of training is to improve the model’s performance and allow them to better show the style of sexy underwear and sex products.

Sexy underwear model’s catwalk performance

The main task of sexy underwear models is to show sex underwear and sex products through a catwalk.In the catwalk show, the model needs to vividly present the brand image and cultural concept of sexy underwear through its own expressiveness and temperament.

Future development of sexy underwear models

With the gradual maturity and development of the sexy underwear market, the future of sexy underwear models will also become wider and wider.In addition to serving as an image spokesperson in the sexy underwear brand, the future of sexy underwear model can also become a senior popular and promoter in the field of sex products, playing an important role.

Increasing the popularity of sex products

With the development and promotion of sexy underwear models, sex products will be more and more recognized and accepted by the public.The professionalism and professionalism of sexy underwear models will lay a solid foundation for the popularity and development of the sex products industry.


Interesting underwear models are an important image spokesperson for sex underwear brands. Their professionalism and expressiveness are essential to the promotion and development of the brand.With the maturity and development of the sexy underwear market, the future of sexy underwear models will also be full of opportunities and outstanding performance.

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